Marc Marquez doesn’t rule out a farewell: “The future is uncertain”

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The 2023 MotoGP season will be decisive for Honda and Marc Marquez. The star player could decide to change house at the end of the contract.

Marc Marquez (Ansa)
Marc Marquez – Motors.News

In February 2020 Marc Marquez and Honda wrong-footed the rider market by announcing a four-year contract renewal. In a season marked by the Covid pandemic, the World Championship kicked off in July with the first race in Jerez de la Frontera. A Grand Prix that will forever remember the Spanish phenomenon, due to that accident a few laps from the finish that caused him a fracture in the right humerus which in the space of two years would lead him to four surgeries.

HRC has continued to give time and trust to Marc Marquez, didn’t cut his salary, waited for his return without putting too much pressure. A friendliness that the eight-times world champion wants to fully reciprocate, waiting for the Japanese engineers to provide him with a RC213V competitive for the next championship. You still have two seasons ahead of you, but the final outcome of the 2023 World Championship could already be decisive for your future in MotoGP.

Marc Marquez at the crossroads of his career

Marc Marquez (Ansa)
Marc Marquez with the Honda RC-V – Motori.News

Marquez rides for the team Repsol Honda since 2013, together they have won six championship titles. But what will happen at the end of 2024? The ‘Cabroncito’ can choose to drive for HRC until the end of his career or try a new adventure with another manufacturer. “Now I’m completely focused on getting back to the top with Honda“, specified the Catalan driver in an interview with ‘Autosport’. “If it’s not possible because I don’t have the right tools, then I’ll look for the best solution for me, I’ve said it several times“.

The priority is to stay and win on the saddle RC213V his ninth world title, to level with Valentino Rossi, hit that goal that has been suffocated in the last three years due to the many injuries and negative moments. “My goal is to stay with Honda, but the most important goal is to win the championship“, added Marc Marquez. “I have a lot of respect for Honda. It was special how they treated me during the two years I was injured. I know it’s not normal. It was something special. That’s why I will always have a lot of respect for Honda“.

Probably without that behavior Marc would have canceled the contract early to focus on another brand. Any manufacturer would like to have him in their ranks, many sponsors would compete for the signing. But Honda he has invested time and money in the champion and doesn’t want to let him get away. “The future is uncertain“, underlined the eight-time champion, however. “Honda is Honda, but I want to win the world championship“.