Marc Marquez ready for the tour de force: Honda announces the decision

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Marc Marquez returns to MotoGP competitions 110 days after the last operation on his right arm.

Marc Marquez (Box Repsol)
Marc Marquez – Motori.News

The wait is over, Honda has put an end to all doubts. Marc Marquez will regularly return to the track at the Aragon MotorLand to face an entire race weekend. After the release in the Misano test than ten days ago, where he returned on his RC213V 100 days after the last operation on his arm, the time is ripe for the doctors to get him back in action on the MotoGP circuits.

It will be his seventh race of the season, after missing the Indonesian and Argentine GPs due to diplopia, and the subsequent races at Mugello to follow the rehabilitation of his right humerus following the fourth operation, which he held last June 2 at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Marc Marquez he spent difficult days, he does not hide that he was crying, but after the third medical examination in August he finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Green light to return to the bike, it will be the best way to oil those muscles that are put under stress by motorcycle riders.

Marc Marquez and the physical tour de force

Marc Marquez – MotoriNews

His last outing on the track was on 29 May, during the Italian GP, ​​a few days before flying to the USA for surgery on his right hand, which risked taking a distorted position. After numerous checks, consultations and tests, all those involved in Marquez’s recovery are satisfied with the recovery made and now he will take the next step in his rehabilitation: the return to racing.

The real goal of the weekend at the MotorLand of Aragon it will be to test the true physical condition of the champion from Cervera, to understand how the arm will react after three intense days on the track. It will be a triple test for Marc Marquez, since the calendar of the MotoGP it includes three consecutive stages (Aragon, Motegi, Buriram). In the Honda pits there will also be work to be done from a technical point of view. HRC engineers awaited his return to collect useful data in view of the evolution of the 2023 prototype.

At the end of the Misano test, Marc Marquez reassured him about the pain he felt once he got off his Honda RC-V. “I don’t feel any pain in the area of ​​the fracture, the bone has healed perfectly“, Assured the 59-time winner of the MotoGP class. “I feel it more in the elbow and shoulder area. Because the muscles still have to adapt and, above all, come back stronger“. Now is the time to shift gear after gear to the legendary levels of yesteryear.