the revelation of his brother Alex

Alex Marquez, brother of multiple champion Marc Marquez, tells an anecdote that happened in the most difficult moment of his life and career.

Marc Marquez (Ansa)
Marc Marquez – Motors.News

Alex Marquez is the closest person to the great champion Marc Marquez. Together they share every moment of their daily life, training, together they moved to Madrid at the beginning of 2022 to allow the eight-time MotoGP world champion to follow a targeted rehabilitation plan for his right arm which has suffered four operations in less than two years.

Alex proves to be a shoulder, a comfort, a true friend in moments of joy and in the most difficult ones. Especially after the injury in Jerez in July 2020, when he had to miss many Grands Prix and face the most difficult moment of his life and career. She confessed to his younger brother her anxieties and fears in the days when he hovered over the possibility of retiring…

Marc Marquez and the thought of farewell to MotoGP

Alex Marquez and his brother Marc (Ansa)
Alex Marquez and his brother Marc – Motori.News

In the latest report broadcast by DAZN, ‘Marc Márquez: his great victory’, there could not be no Alex Marquez to witness the entrance into a tunnel from which there seemed to be no exit. Fortunately, the fourth operation carried out in the USA on June 2 last showed the light and his right arm is returning to a gradual normality. But Marc has never hidden his moments of discouragement.

The Jerez incident put him in front of an unprecedented obstacle: “He definitely crossed so many lines that he had to face four times“, said the Gresini Racing team rider. “It was the fall with which he grew the most, from which he learned the most, the one that will make him even stronger in the future“. The goal is to finally return to having fun riding the Honda and he is sure that he will soon return to victory and to contend for the MotoGP World Championship.

But a few months ago the champion from Cervera brought up the idea of ​​throwing in the towel and dedicating himself to other projects. “He had never openly told me about a retirement, but one day he mentioned it: ‘What will I do after the bikes, if I don’t recover, if I’m not at 100%…?’. I think Marc wants to continue to be linked to this world, helping young people as it has already done – said Alex Marquez -. But I told him ‘don’t be silly, four days and you’ll be back on the bike“.

Now that the worst seems to be behind us, Marc Marquez is training to return to being champion and conquer the ninth world title in his career. ” He is a born winner, he understands nothing but going to races to win. Now he’s not looking for the title, he’s trying to rediscover himself and go back to doing what he did before with the bike… He’s an exceptional rider, capable of doing wonderful things. If he finds peace of mind with himself, he will be very strong“.

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