Sun visor, have you ever noticed the secret pocket? You can’t imagine what it’s for

Have you ever noticed the secret pocket in your car sun visor? Surely you’ve never used the visor correctly before, so here’s what you need to do to take advantage of this accessory!

Sun visor
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In addition to the numerous components present in cars, there is also the sun visor, an accessory that we often do not use in the correct way. Many don’t know it, but this visor hides a secret pocket, which you can verify by doing a quick check.

This visor is equipped with an extenderwhich is precisely the inside pocket, which has a very specific function, but that you most likely don’t know. So let’s find out what this extendable pocket is for that you find in the sun visor of your car!

Where is the sun visor located

There sun visor is found in all cars and it’s present on both sides both in that of the driver and that of the passenger sitting next to it. Some luxury cars also have visors on the back seats.

In most cases the fin parasol is used to redo the make-upsince there is a mirror inside and few know what it’s really for.

The real function of the sun visor is to protect from glare from the sun and avoid accidents. In fact, when you’re driving during dusk or dawn, you may be dazzled by too much light and can’t stand it. This can also happen when there are bodies of water on the roads and the sun’s rays are reflected on them.

The risks of glare from sunlight

As already mentioned, the car sun visor protects from the reflections of the sun’s rays and prevents glare. If the flap is not used to protect the strong light on the eyes the risks can be enormous.

In fact, the driver who is dazzled by a very strong light such as that of the sun can skid the car and hit pedestrians or other cars with people on board.

Instead, to prevent all that is just use the sun visor and pull down the visor to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. This covers part of the windshield, but the visor can be adjusted to partially cover the driver’s window.

Or, sun visor extenders can be used and apply them to any car since they are standard and fit all. These extenders are cheap and allow you to better manage the car, thus avoiding dangerous accidents.

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