Car license plate, it will no longer be like this: completely transformed

It will soon be possible to change the license plate of the car at will: a country has started the procedure for the novelty appreciated by all.

License plates

Many people believe the old license plates as the most unsightly element of our cars. To be installed, they need holes to be drilled in the bumper or, in other cases, to be added a plastic bracket in their support.

Now, from a country comes the novelty that will allow motorists to customize this aspect of the car to the max: this is the possibility of adding a sticker that reproduces the license plate on the front, in order to avoid installing the bulky metal piece.

Where will this be possible? You have to move a few kilometers and an ocean because it is a novelty foreseen for the state of California, in the United States of America.

This is a change that only concerns the state of California, given that in the USA the management of license plates is regulated by individual states. In fact, out of 50 American states, 31 still require the “old” metal front plate.

How the new sticker car license plate will work

We are not talking about a big news to tell the truth, because the first discussions in this sense started even in 2013. In that year, the State of California had passed bill number 806 in the Senate in which local authorities were charged with finding alternatives to the common front plate.

New California license plate
New California license plate –

This alternative had to be found by January 2017 and then start with a pilot program which should have ended no later than July 2018.

A great protagonist of this initiative was License Plate Wrapsa company located in Huntington Beach, California (lucky them!), who designed and then promoted a wrap design that had been tested on 28 California Highway Patrol vehicles since 2015.

In short, they liked the idea and the new adhesive and low environmental impact plates began to be offered to the residents of the state. This program was eventually extended in 2023.

How should it be done? If you are a California resident, you must log on to the official License Plate Wraps website, submit your U.S. registered license plate information, and then choose between 8 different modelswhich can also include particular designs or others dedicated to specific types of public.

Old California license plate
Old California license plate –

The goal of these plates is to give Californian users the ability to customize the look of the front license plate a bit while still staying within the state’s legal boundaries.

Will this system ever arrive in Italy? Difficult to say for now, but it is clear that if the idea were to please it could soon expand to other American states, cross the ocean and conquer Europe, including our country.

If you want to get an idea, you can take a tour of the manufacturer’s official website and start dreaming about your future license plate. Unless you’re already planning on moving to California, that is.

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