Marc Marquez breaks the silence: “I still have limits”

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Marc Marquez breaks his silence on the condition of his right arm during the winter break. 2023 will be a fundamental testing ground.

Marc Marquez (Ansa)
Marc Marquez – Motors.News

After three nightmare seasons Marc Marquez a “normal” 2023 is expected. He will try to put three difficult years behind him, punctuated by operations, vision problems and results below all expectations with Honda. After the Jerez injury in July 2020, he’s looking for a way out of the tunnel but everything will depend on two factors.

The first is linked to the progress that Honda will be able to make at a technical level on the bike RC213V of next year. At the end of the Valencia test last November, Marc was not at all satisfied with the updates. The next testing ground will be the tests in Malaysia and Portugal before the start of the new championship. The second is related to the physical conditions of the right arm. After four operations he will no longer be at the pre-injury level, there will still be minor annoyances and it will be necessary to understand, after continuous progress, what the optimal level will be at the end of complete recovery.

Marc Marquez awaits the 2023 exam

Marc Marquez (Ansa)
Marc Marquez – Motors.News

During the winter break Marc Marquez found time to talk to MotoGP. com during Honda Thanks Day. The video was aired in the last few hours: “Every year you think this is going to be the one. We will see. The thing is, I don’t know what my right arm is 100%. It obviously won’t be on par with the left arm, so it won’t be a normal arm. This winter I’ll have to figure out what the maximum of that arm is“.

His daily life takes shape again, he can enjoy training with his brother Alex, free time with friends. He tried to do padel And motocrossbut I still feel that it’s not the time, that I have to wait because I still have limits… The most important thing is that every week I feel better, there will come a day when the progress will stop, and that’s when I will have reached 100% of the arm“.

Despite his physical problems, Marc Marquez has a clear goal for next MotoGP season: to fight for the world title. In 2023 he wants to go back to fighting with the best, even if to do so he will need a prototype that is up to the situation… and that of his rivals. “HRC has to work a lot on the bike if it wants to fight for the World Championship“. The ideas will be clearer after the next tests in Sepang and Portimao. At that point the engine will be frozen and the first aerodynamic package will be approved. The first race results will be revealing, and not just to clarify whether it will be possible to fight for first place.

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