Valentino Rossi father encore? The revelation of his girlfriend Francesca

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Francesca Sofia Novello, girlfriend of Valentino Rossi, talks about her experience as a mother alongside little Juliet.

Valentino Rossi and Francesca Novello (Ansa)
Valentino Rossi and Francesca Novello – Motori.News

For a year now the life of Valentino Rossi it has changed direction… in every sense. In November 2021 he competed in his last race in the MotoGP class with the Yamaha M1 of the Petronas SRT team, shortly after he announced his new adventure with four wheels at the wheel of the Belgian Wrt team’s Audi R8 GT3 in the Fanatec GT European championship. On March 4 he became a father with the birth of his daughter Giulietta.

Mom will take care of telling the new family experience Frances Sofia Novello, for over five years alongside the champion from Tavullia. “On December 4 we celebrate five years – he tells in an Instagram Stories -. In reality we had already known each other for a good year before we got engaged, that would be six“. She was born and raised in Lombardy, she also worked as an umbrella girl for some time, as well as carrying out a modeling career from the age of 18. Not an easy task for a girl who wants to emerge in the fashion world.

Valentino Rossi and Francesca Novello are thinking about an encore

Surely the fame of being engaged to Valentino Rossi has made the road a bit downhill: “Surely the physical aspect in this job is fundamental, but that’s not all! However, it takes ambition and character as in many jobs“. Becoming a mother has changed almost nothing: “It takes organization and priorities change. But I manage to reconcile everything“. Juliet he has a very calm character and is already sleeping in his bedroom… or almost: “At night she wakes up around 5, I always try to get her back to sleep in her cot“, continued Francesca Sofia Novello. “When I can’t I take her to the Latvian with us, but it happens a few times“.

Several times he has already stopped in the pits, where dad Valentino Rossi works, who has been involved in motor racing since 2022. Giulietta is also increasingly the protagonist on social media, although her face will remain “mysterious” for a long time to come. Present at the inauguration of the new VR46 Store in via Cesare Battisti, at last week’s ‘100 Km of Champions’, the almost nine-month-old baby has been breathing an air of competition and speed since birth.

Grandma Stefania, Valentino’s mother, is ready to bet that she will race cars when she grows up. Mamma Francesca will try to make her change her ways…”Stefi says he’s going to be a car racer. In doubt, I will enroll her in dance as soon as possible (laughs, ed.). We’ll see what he wants to do when he grows up. She will decide“. But soon Giulietta could share her room with a little brother or sister. The news is given by the girlfriend of the Doctor: “Another son? Yes“.