Petrol stations on the motorway and in the city, here are the ones to avoid: you would never have guessed it

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Each petrol station differs in the various prices charged per liter for the various fuels. Are you aware of the differences between petrol pumps located in cities or on state roads and those on the Italian motorway network? Here’s how they differ. If you want to avoid receiving a ‘blow’ from an economic point of view, you don’t have to refuel at some distributors. Let’s find out everything there is to know.

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Petrol stations – Motori.News

The cost of petrol and diesel it reached very high levels in 2022. The reasons are linked to the serious international tension caused by the outbreak of war between Ukraine and Russia. The crisis has caused price increases in every area. The price of fuel is no exception – as we have all realized to some extent.

In recent months, our country’s government has managed to put a temporary brake on the soaring price per liter of petrol and diesel, cutting the cost of excise duties. From December 1, however, the discount on excise duties will be reduced from 30.5 cents to 18.3 cents. A decision that was not taken well by millions of Italians. The cost of fuel will go up by about 12 cents compared to before.

But you know that not all gas stations are created equal. Refueling at some of them, in fact, will be much less profitable than the average. But How do service stations located on the motorway differ from those located in urban centres? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Here’s which gas stations you need to avoid, and the differences between city and highway stations

Most people are aware of the big difference between refueling in the city or on the highways compared to doing it on the highway. The reason is closely linked to the price of fuel per litre practiced in the various service stations. Which of them are less convenient and, therefore, to be avoided, especially in a similar historical moment? Here are all the details on that matter.

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Where to get petrol at a lower cost? Here’s everything you need to know about gas stations – Motori.News

As many will know, refueling on the motorway will be much less advantageous than refueling it in the city or on state roads. In fact, on the motorway, the price per liter of diesel and petrol can get to be even higher than 30% compared to the self-service mode of the vending machines in the city.

Refuel at the so-called ‘white pumps’, then, it represents the most convenient choice. These are no logo service stations and, therefore, independent. The cost per liter of fuel will be lower, since the costs for the manufacturer and for the individual distributor will be lower than for well-known branded stations.

But why do you pay more on the motorways? They are open 24 hours on 24 and every day. For this reason, maintenance and personnel costs are higher. Also, there is no competition on the motorway. If you need to restock you can only go there. Added to this is the concession to the motorway company.

The final cost of the fuel includes salaries that go to the State, the Autostrade company, the manufacturer and the operator of the pump. In total, the operator of the distributor will sell about 4%. That is why refueling on the motorways will be much more expensive.

What to do to save petrol? Surely, driving sparingly avoiding jerks and sudden and unmotivated accelerations will play an important role. But not only. In fact, it will be advisable to carefully evaluate where and when to put petrol, in order to Always refuel at the most convenient pump.

If you are planning a long journey on the motorway, the advice we give is never to refuel on the motorway, for the reasons listed above. If you go into reserve during the journey, it will be advisable to take a short exit from the motorway, refueling the car at a pump located outside the motorway exit.

There is usually at least one petrol station just outside each toll booth. But even here, getting information beforehand will be essential, so as not to waste precious time having to do too many kilometres.