here is the move to never make

When you are driving a vehicle, whatever it is, you have to respect the highway code in all its facets if you don’t want to risk getting very steep fines.

fines the move not to make
Fines, the move not to be made –

There are some behaviors that, however trivial or trivial they may seem, guarantee serious trouble very heavy fines.

That’s why it is better get informed and keep up-to-date on the changes to the highway code because you risk falling behind and unfortunately the law does not allow ignorance or inattention or misinformation.

Inattentive and superficial motorists risk huge fines

The police forces are checking everything and tightening the penalties for very questionable as well as dangerous attitudes. That’s why now more than ever it is advisable to behave well when driving on the road respecting all laws, one by one.

Unfortunately, there are many customs that characterize Italian cars, just as there are many consequences on the environment and on others as they are caused. The Highway Code speaks clearly, here are the consequences they risk those who engage in this specific behavior.

Fines –

What you risk if you break the highway code in the following way

One of the behaviors that hundreds of motorists have in common is the following: throwing waste of any kind out the window. All motorists who underestimate them do it consequences of the gesture being totally disrespectful towards the environment and the Planet Earth.

Among other things, this trivial gesture at first impact is also dangerous for all the other motorists present behind the vehicle. It endangers anyone who passes by because objects and rubbish on carriageways or roadsides they can also cause accidents and serious injuries.

There are those who are dedicated to throwing cigarette butts cigarettes, some chewing gum, some of the handkerchiefs, some of the cards. And then there are those who don’t launch, stop and abandon furniture and appliances.

Many of these have batteries that are dangerous and polluting. On the roadsides there are electric ovens, telephones and transceivers, computers and much more. Then there are the inevitable garbage bags fruit of incivility.

Article 15 of the Highway Code has become exacerbated in the face of a situation that is gradually becoming more and more serious. Fines are on the rise with the aim of curbing the uncivilized. If first the fines were 52 euros, now they go to 104 euro for those who throw objects out the window.

While those who abandon rubbish on the street, if they previously paid 216 euros, now risk fines of up to 866 euros.

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