Valentino Rossi, a new VR46 store is born in Tavullia

Valentino Rossi great driver and manager. A new store opens in Tavullia on the eve of the “100 Km of Champions”.

Valentino Rossi (Ansa)
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Valentino Rossi continues to be a building site of projects, ideas, initiatives, races. The farewell to MotoGP at the end of the 2021 Valencia Grand Prix, it did not represent an exit from the scene, but only a professional step change. From two to four wheels the change was easy, motor racing has always been a passion of his, cultivated thanks to the passion of his father Graziano.

He has participated in many editions of the Monza Rally, in some editions of the 12 Hours of the Gulf, in tandem with his brother Luca Marini and his historical friend Alessio Salucci. In addition to the various tests carried out on the single-seater Ferrari F1 in the past, so much so that it seemed he was about to leave the World Championship to go to the Circus. And the most recent test in Valencia with Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes, an event orchestrated by his personal sponsor Monster. But Valentino Rossi is not only a sportsman but also a successful manager and entrepreneur.

The new Valentino Rossi store in Tavullia

The VR46 has also been a sporting dazzle line for some time now and does merchandising for various Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP riders. In Tavullia and in other areas of Italy he opened some store VR46 and from Thursday 24 November 2022 the completely redesigned VR46 flagship store will also be inaugurated. An opening that is perhaps not accidental and which comes on the eve of the eighth edition of the “100 Km of Champions” which will be held over the weekend at the Tavullia Ranch, when many international motorcycling stars will arrive.

As a good landlord, Valentino Rossi he will fight again for the victory, in tandem with his brother Luca Marini. In the meantime, he will open the brand new VR46 shop in Tavullia, in the center of the town, in Via C. Battisti 5/9, not far from the official Fan Club in via Igino Balducci 1 / a. The new Vale store, designed by Marco Morosini, shines on an area of ​​400 square meters, above all with well-studied plays of light and a very futuristic look, with plays of black and fluorescent yellow.

Of course, the current product line is adapted to the winter season. In his current collection, VR46 offers a range of accessories and Christmas products and on display there are also some motorcycles redesigned by Valentino Rossi. For fans of Sim Racing (a term that indicates ESport competitions with software that attempt to accurately simulate professional racing) there will also be three simulators of the highest quality, with which motorsport fans can experience a “real driving experience”.

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