Car tax, the exemption is triggered: it also applies to you

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The car tax together with the insurance is among the car taxes that every person in the world hates. Unfortunately, paying for it is not an optional choice, but a mandatory thing.

Car tax
Car tax –

Like all the other years, this year too must be paid among other things in compliance with a series of deadlines in order not to run the risk of it ending up in the hands of the revenue agency, with the opening, over the years, of very dangerous tax bills for the wallet.

Some users don’t pay it in the hope of never being caught, still others think they can solve it with the deletion of the folders that comes sooner or later with the passage of time.

But it is absolutely not a recommended solution, in fact it is quite the opposite.

What are the deadlines to meet

From now on, some categories of citizens can enjoy the exemption from the car tax, be careful because they are not all ad have this luck so you have to open your eyes wide and inform yourself properly before missing deadlines, etc.

Meanwhile, for all stamps of 2023, the deadline remains linked to the date of registration of the car stamp. So there is no single deadline that unites motorists, just inquire and the problem is solved.

In most regions, however, payment is set for the last day of the month following the enrollment date. So to make a trivial example, if a car was registered in December, the last day to pay the tax is 31 January 2023.

Unlike insurance which, at least until now, can only be paid if the vehicle is used to move on the road, car tax, being the tax on possession, must be paid regardless. Even if the vehicle is kept in the garage or in the driveway. Consequently choosing to keep the car stationary is useless.

At most, this choice saves money because if you stop driving, you can block the insurance and at the same time you also save in terms of fuel. But nothing more.


Car at first registration, what changes? Who has the exemption

What has been explained applies only to cars that have already been registered. For those at the first registration but everything is very different.

In this case, in fact, the tax must be paid only within the month of enrollment which, if it were to fall in the last ten days of the month, can be deferred to the following month.

For 2023 there are exemptions and concessions that we all need to be aware of. The first or the most consistent, it has to do with the law 104. Those who use it may not pay the road tax, the same thing goes for those who buy electric cars or hybrid cars.

For electric or hybrid cars, the exemption lasts from three to five years. To pay the stamp duty you can go to the tobacconist’s or directly if you are practical with home banking of your bank. While on the ACI website it is possible to verify whether the payment of the car tax has always been made and therefore whether it is in order.

At the same time you can make the payment avoiding bitter surprises. It can be used then 20% discount if you pay the stamp duty by bank or postal domiciliation.

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