Vittorio Missoni, 10 years after the tragedy: his son dedicates the next venture to him

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In 2013 the death of Vittorio Missoni. The memory of his son Ottavio before the new challenge: “We would have liked to do something like this together…”

Ottavio Missoni, the company in memory of his father – MotoriNews

The famous name Missoni, renowned in the field of fashion, has risen to the headlines also due to a serious tragedy. Indeed in 2013 Victor Missonison of the founder of the well-known Italian maison, disappeared in a incredible plane crash. Exactly 10 years later, since we will officially start at the beginning of 2023, his son Ottavio will dedicate his next venture to him. The young man, in addition to his grandfather’s name, together with his two brothers also inherited aagency very important worldwide, but not only. It comes from his dad passion for theadventure and the motorcyclewhich led him to take the pass for a mythical enterprise, a dream called Dakar.

That incredible tragedy

As mentioned, almost 10 years have passed since then. Victor Missonison of Ottavio, progenitor of the renowned company, had followed the footsteps of the parent, becoming first manager and stylist, then managing director of the house created by the father. Until that fateful day: the January 4, 2013 he, his wife and two family friends got on a small private plane together with the Venezuelan pilot. Since then, all traces of the aircraft have been lost, creating anxiety and concern in the Missoni family. In addition to clearly becoming the protagonist of the chronicle, considering the name of weight. Everyone hopes for one miraclewhich unfortunately it does not happen: 13 days later the remains of the small plane were found, together with the five bodies of pilot and passengers. The 38-year-old eldest son of that unfortunate couple is now preparing to live amythical featalbeit with a heavy heart.

Ottavio Missoni at the start: “But I would have liked…”

Among the Italian debutants at the Dakar 2023 there is also Ottavio Missoniwhich he won with his participation in the Rallye du Maroc, one of obligatory stages to take the coveted pass. “Since I was a kid mine dream bigger was being able to participate in this race” wrote Missoni on her social channels. Dream born thanks to dad Vittorio. “My father was the first person to put me on a motorcycle. The my partner many kilometers in the saddle. One day we would have liked to do something like this together, unfortunately the destiny decided otherwise.” The reference is to the tragedy mentioned above, one lost and one motivation more for Ottavio Missoni jr. “[Mio padre] he is also the person who taught me to follow your dreams. So I decided to give it a try!”

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