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Many people wonder if it is always mandatory to pay the motorway toll. How can payment be avoided? There are specific cases in which it will be possible to request a refund and other methods to always travel for free! Let’s go and discover the right moves to make to save some money!

Highway toll trick
Highway toll trick – Motori.News

We are experiencing a very difficult period from an economic point of view. In every sector we are witnessing price increases and our pockets are increasingly empty. Remaining in the world of engines, the situation concerning the increase in fuel prices is under everyone’s eyes. International instability has caused the cost of living to rise enormously and gasoline also increased.

In order to save something, it will be essential to ‘be smart’ from now on – always remaining within the scope of legality, as it goes without saying! The payment of the motorway toll, for example, could be avoided. How? How will it be possible to reduce this expense?

The cost of driving our motorway network has also increased enormously over the past few years. In some cases, ‘entering’ the motorway may be an unnecessary move. Furthermore, traveling on some motorway sections is not always comfortable! Here are the details on the right moves to make!

Highway toll payment: how to save? Here’s how to ‘get smart’!

Especially on some sections of our motorway network, the presence of works and construction sites is the host. A huge nuisance for millions of motorists. Especially at certain times of the day or at various times of the year, the motorway traffic is very high. The reduction of carriageways and the presence of men at work on construction sites could cause us to cause delays. What to do if your trip took several hours longer than expected due to construction sites and heavy traffic?

Aspi has provided for a refund on motorway delays of over 250 million euros to motorists for the next 5 years. The reimbursement of the motorway toll can vary from 25% to 100% on the amount of the motorway toll in the event of actual delays due to the works!

Free toll
Motorway toll: this is when it will be possible not to pay it – Motori.News

But if you want to avoid delays due to construction sites and the long wait to get a refund – most of the time not complete – there is another way to avoid paying the highway toll. Which? The answer is very trivial! You will not be able to drive on the highway! There are apps and navigators that allow you to reach your destination accurately avoiding entering the motorway.

But is this choice convenient from a practical and temporal point of view? From an economic point of view – as obvious as it is – of course! From a practical point of view, however, much will depend on the various cases. If the motorway section you will have to travel is often clogged with construction sites or is always very busy, opting for other alternative routes may be the best solution!

There are many navigators and applications that allow you to reach your destination, saving you money and always showing you the best and most comfortable way (not subject to payment)! Beyond Google Mapsin fact, even an application like Waze allows you to set the route indicating the best options based on your actual need!

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