MotoGP, Fabio Quartararo and the ‘curse’ of the suit

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New problems to the suit for Fabio Quartararo. The Alpinestars brand explains what happened in the Aragon accident.

Fabio Quartararo (LaPresse)
Fabio Quartararo – Motori.News

It happened last year in Catalunya, when his suit opened in the final and the Race Direction gave him a 3-second penalty. This time it could have been worse for the physical consequences, but fortunately the accident remedied on the first lap of the Aragon GP it only caused bruises to his chest. His suit opened after the front wheel hit the Yamaha rider’s chest.

Alpinestars, the company that makes Fabio Quartararo’s suit and well-known international brand, has released an official press release to clarify what happened at the MotorLand. “After a collision with the rear of another bike at the exit of Turn 3, Fabio was thrown forward over the front of his bike. That fall caused his airbag to fully deploy before his first impact with the ground“.

The fall of Quartaro analyzed by Alpinestars

Alpinestars’ analysis goes into more detail, up to the next stage of the crash on the front of the bike. After contact with the asphalt Fabio Quartararo he slipped on his back (with the zipper intact at this stage), then received a second significant impact, with the front wheel of his bike impacting the chest area, urging “the hinge beyond every level compared to the thousands of falls we have recorded so far“.

To give were the teeth of the closure, a conclusion that “comes from the fact that all elements of the suit are intact, including the seams, including those that secure the zipper to the suit. Alpinestars would like to point out that, although this appears to be an extraordinary circumstance, work is already underway to prevent the problem from happening again.“.

Fabio Quartararo had also had problems with his suit on the occasion of the Assen race, with the airbag not deployed during the second crash that caused the definitive retirement. The MotoGP class champion suffered a sore shoulder, but luckily nothing was broken. During this MotoGP season Jorge Martin he raced during the Austrian Grand Prix with the zipper ajar. While Aleix Espargaró saw his suit open after the crash at Silverstone. At this point, the question arises as to whether there is no need to intervene on a safety issue before the consequences are much more serious.

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