Why don’t we drive to the center? The answer will leave you speechless

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Perhaps not everyone will have asked themselves this question, mostly the curious or the most attentive to detail do it. One wonders: why do you drive sideways and not in the center? The driver’s seat is placed on the side and not in the central position, in Italy it is on the left side, in England it is on the opposite side, therefore on the right. But no one drives to the center. It is not a coincidence, there will be a reason.

Driving center car
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Our location was chosen for a clear motivation: because on the left you have a much clearer and wider view of the opposite lane. Especially when you have to overtake this position proves advantageous.

A large vehicle for example a bus, or a truckeven in conditions of reduced visibility due to haze or a dangerous road, it is not in risky travel conditionsbecause the view is practically open.

What would happen if the cars had the central driving position

By placing the guide in the center of the car instead, you might have some problem not only of visibility, of maneuvers, of comfort but also in terms of transporting people. By placing the seat on the left rather than in the center, you can comfortably get on the driver’s side, without any difficulty. While it is difficult to get to the center because you have to wriggle. Those who can do it at a young age probably do not notice the difference, for the elderly or for those who are not 100% healthy, it can become a big discomfort.

Furthermore, sitting on the left, the seat on the right remains free as well as those behind. Sitting in the center, on the other hand, no one can sit next to it, because there is no space e if anyone had any, it would surely be uncomfortable.

With the driver’s seat in the center, the driver would be in serious trouble in the fast lane it would not be able to keep the whole road under controlparallel vehicles, those behind, those on the sides, everything would become difficult, even looking at the rear-view mirrors.


The difficulty of those who are not familiar with driving

Those who have a little practice driving can simply realize everything thanks to experience. On the other hand, those who are beginners and cannot keep an eye on the road by remaking at the angle of the mirror not only may he experience difficulties in reversing, overtaking, etc., he may also feel unable to drive.

In this case, even a very simple maneuver for to park or to get into the car it would become something incredible, because it would require no small movements and contortions. In this case, an ejector seat might come in handy, or you might consider getting in from the right side as a matter of convenience.

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