2006 Ford GT Allegedly Crashed By Driver Unfamiliar With Manual Trans


The first generation Ford GT was relatively inexpensive when it was new. Sold from 2005 to 2006, MSRP was around $150,000 and the Heritage edition pack wasn’t a significant addition. In 2022, however, these cars are a little more valuable. That made this collision even more painful, though fortunately, the injuries appeared to be of a financial nature only.

Shared on social media by John Peddie on Facebook, it’s impossible to miss the iconic Bay blue/orange hue that showcases the Ford GT Heritage model. It’s also impossible to miss the severe damage to the nose, from the alleged impact with a palm tree according to Roads & Tracks. The image definitely shows a tree-sized impact on the passenger side of the front fascia, crinkling the hood and essentially crushing the entire nose.

Facebook posts don’t provide context, but Roads & Trails states that the driver is actually the owner of the car. Plus, it appears that a 50-year-old Boca Raton resident recently bought a $704,000 GT, and was trying it out when it lost control after a downshift. According to the report, the driver told police he was not used to driving a shift stick car. He hit a tree as he left his housing development, then was picked up by a security guard back to his home where he called the police. But wait, there’s more.

Apparently, the guy hadn’t registered Ford. Worse, the car was also uninsured. And to add an extra cherry on top of this cake, the report states that the owner doesn’t have a driver’s license. Apparently, it had been suspended, leading police to quote the man for driving with a suspended license. As for operating the car without insurance or registration, he was reportedly given a warning.

Ford built a total of 4,038 GT in 2005 and 2006, just two years of production for the first generation supercar. Of these, only 346 received Heritage treatment. Photos show severe damage to the front of the car, but the extent of the damage underneath – and whether or not it can be repaired – is unknown.


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