Classic VW 23-Window Bus Shows Baja Bugs How To Have Fun Off-Road


There are several built-in options for those who want to go off-road. Some examples include the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota 4Runner, or other old 4×4 pick-ups. There are more adventurous people who prefer to take something else off-road. The more unusual, the better.

Volkswagen is not the right brand when it comes to off-roaders. There is an Amarok pick-up, but it is not available in the US. However, there are dune buggies and camper van lifts that pop up from time to time. But for Instagram users calivwbusit uses more unique and rarer platforms.

CalivwbusThe off-road weapon of choice was the 1959 Type 2, and that was no ordinary Bus either. He turned a rare 23-window model into an off-roader complete with mud tires. The van was far from being the queen of the garage because its owner took it down muddy, deep sand and snowy trails. The van body is weathered, but it could be argued that most would restore something rare like this instead of getting it working.

The van has an interesting background too. It’s a warehouse invention, and it sat there for over 30 years before new owners brought it home. There are other VW Type 2s alongside the 23-window model, including the 21-window Deluxe version. The van was discovered by its current owner in 2015. He added about 16,400 miles since April 2021 when he ran it.

Apart from the chunky tires, what other modifications have been made to this van? As it turned out, it was mostly stock. The extra ground clearance comes thanks to the taller tires, and no lift kit is installed. Drive reports that it uses a 1.6-liter flat-four (likely from a newer model), and that’s good for around 48 horsepower (35 kilowatts). Despite the conservative power output, it’s still enough to pull the T2 out of trouble and pull some skidding in the snow.


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