Low battery, with the trick of the arrow you solve in 20 seconds: anything but mechanical

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The flat battery of the car is a problem that we would gladly avoid: but with the trick of the arrow you can solve it quickly.

Low battery
Low battery – Motori.News

The nightmare of all motorists is mainly one: sitting in the car, turning the key and…noticing that the ignition does not respond. Yes, it is precisely the most feared problem: the battery is empty.

When this happens we begin to despair, we hope that it is an isolated episode and that the car, as if by magic, suddenly restarts.

So, once we have made contact with reality, we get to work with the most common methods: push it downhill, rely on a immediate refill kit or use the cables and get help from a passing Good Samaritan with his car.

However, we must not forget that sometimes the problem may not be in the battery, because if the starter motor has reached the end of its life cycle there will be very little to do and you will have to call the roadside assistance for a probably expensive work in the workshop.

In other cases, however, it is a simple alternator which does not make contact and which therefore prevents the battery from recharging when the car is moving. There is also the situation of the cold or a very long stop, perhaps when returning from vacation, which could have temporarily made the battery function useless.

Car battery check
Car battery check – Motori.news

However, when it happens, you’ll want to do not make more than two attempts in order to avoid straining the car and creating greater damage. If the problem is inherent in the battery, after all, it is immediately clear: dimly lit lights and in general the feeling that the car is not actually getting the energy it needs. In that case, perhaps, it can be solved with the arrow trick.

What is the trick of the arrows to restart the car with a flat battery

The somewhat desperate attempt you can make is to activate the direction indicators, better known as “arrows“, or i lighthouses. You will notice that they will not turn on right away, but if you wait a few minutes they should turn on.

This procedure will give a small charge to the battery which should be enough to start the engine and allow you to drive until the next electrician. In fact, do not think that you have completely solved your problem, because in these cases it is always better consult a specialist.

After all, you have to take into account that this trick might not even work: it means that the battery is really dead Or is there another type of problem that needs to be investigated immediately by an auto electrician.

Low car battery
Flat car battery – Motori.news

Unfortunately it is one of the most frequent and annoying inconveniences for anyone who owns a car, especially if the battery is not brand new and the car has already driven many kilometers. However, a try with the arrow trick might give you a temporary solution.