Engine light, honk for 30 seconds and see what happens – incredible

Did your engine light come on and would you like to turn it off? With the horn trick you can solve: here’s what it is and why it works

Engine light
Engine warning light – Motori.News

The great nightmare of every motorist is back: the light came on engine light. What is it for? We are talking about an indicator that signals a possible failure in the car’s propulsion system.

Be careful, it does not necessarily mean that it is something serious, even if a check is always better to do. Problems with starting, ignition of the car or exhaust can cause the warning light to come on.

This last cause is the most frequent one, especially among cars equipped with FAP, the Particle Filter, whose function can easily cause the warning light to come on. And it is not said that it is something very serious: there are probably gods fuel residues which prevent its normal functioning, inhibiting the activity of the engine. That’s why the light comes on.

In other cases it may be instead something much more serious and which needs to be investigated as soon as possible by our trusted mechanic. Never waste time, especially if your machine is not equipped with an on-board system that provides you with additional information on the cause of the problem.

Engine failure warning light
Engine failure warning light – Motori.news

However, if in the meantime you want to turn off the warning light, perhaps because you want to avoid anxiety at seeing it on or because you are sure that it is “only” the Anti-Particulate Filter, there is a very original method which allows you to do it in as little as 30 seconds.

Honk the horn for 30 seconds and the check engine light will magically disappear – how it works

All you need to do for turn off the engine failure warning lightand any other spies that are bothering you and you are sure are not related to a serious problem, you just need to do a very simple thing.

Disconnect the battery. Yes, you read right. Once the battery is disconnected I should press the horn for about 30 seconds or in any case the time necessary for the electricity left in the condenser to run out and consequently the machine will “shut up”.

In the meantime, you will have noticed that the well-known warning lights will also have gone out, including the engine failure one. At this point you can wait about 15 minutesreconnect the battery and start the car as if nothing had happened.

Sound the horn for 30 seconds
Play the horn for 30 seconds – Motori.news

Of course, this doesn’t mean that whatever caused the light to come on magically resolved itself. As soon as possible you should go to your trusted workshop to investigate the problem in order to understand if it is something easily fixed or an issue that will cost you some money.

Finally remember that such an action has irreversible consequences also on other aspects of the car: for example, you will lose saved frequencies on the radio altogether. In short, think carefully before doing it.

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