Windshield wipers, they’ll take them off all cars: now they’ll all do that

Goodbye to the old wipers that have always been considered essential components for the cars of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Goodbye wipers
Goodbye windshield wipers

The evolution also arrives in the automotive sector. Technology goes on and as a result it also applies changes to the mechanical parts of cars that are elegant. utility super cars, sedans, sports doesn’t matter.

Everything goes to progress, even the little detailsthose that we don’t pay attention to, like the windscreen wiper that we are used to using only if and when needed and which we then forget about completely.

Windshield wipers, that’s why you can’t do without them

Windshield wipers are actually essential especially when it rains in winter or autumn and the driver cannot have a clear vision in front of him. Some companies would like to make them disappear altogether, we are talking about Tesla and Ferrari.

This is absolutely nothing new, in 2019 Tesla presented its laser wiper project, which was then accepted in 2021 with an incredibly modern and revolutionary patent.

The operation of the new windshield wiper requires the aid of a laser optical unit which is placed directly on the bonnet and which is capable of irradiating the windscreen, eliminating any external agents present on the glass.

In this case the laser beam removes obstacles in seconds without scratching the glass and without water. The power of the beam is variable, depending on how big the obstacle is. The larger it is, the greater the effectiveness and power of the laser itself.

How the new technology that eliminates the physical wiper works

The technology is also useful for removing water while driving, which becomes dangerous because it fogs up the glass and so it’s hard to see through. Attention, because Tesla is not the only one to have thought of all this and alternative solutions.

Ferrari also did it che worked on the project for many years and months, up until a few weeks ago, to make his cars even more beautiful and elegant by removing anything that might bother the eye.

On the other hand, just closing your eyes and imagining a beautiful Ferrari, with windshield wipers, is certainly not the best. In this case, the cleaning of the windows would instead be entrusted to nozzles that shoot air onto the surfaces so as to keep them clean.

Hot water is then shot with cold water which together clean the glass and even eliminate the ice. The system is great and it is also yet another proof that the capabilities of Ferrari are different from others, superlative, innovative and elegant

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