CD on the car dashboard, everyone is doing it – the reason will amaze you

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Finding or seeing a CD resting on the dashboard is certainly not strange or out of place. It happens to forget it there or to leave it in a precise point due to inattention, distraction.

CD on the dashboard
CD on the dashboard – Motori.News

No one would think badly, in reality it is a technique adopted by the smartest who just don’t want to comply with the rules of the highway code.

Over the years the smartest and least lovers of the rules have looked for valid tricks to evade speed cameras and apparently now they have found one that really works.

CDs on the dashboard, etc what if many

The CD placed on the dashboard is not absolutely random, it allows you to evade speed cameras while doing what you want, therefore while traveling at a speed punishable by law. Without that cd sitting right there, you risk getting finedwhile with this trick you have the possibility to get away with it.

The CD hit by the sun’s rays or external lightgives off a reflection that blinds the speed camera, making the photo unusable in a few seconds to identify the vehicle and who was on board, or simply its license plate.

The tricks to avoid getting fines

This is the same philosophy that is used for the grandmother’s lacquer technique which is sprayed on the license plate, in this way it becomes shiny, so the speed camera cannot detect it and the problem is solved.

Then, from America comes a sophisticated spray, much more expensive than a simple lacquer, which is sprayed directly on the license plate, covers some sort the numbers with the reflection and that’s it.

Then follows another trick that is by far economical, practical, within everyone’s reach. This is the use of the GPS which detects the presence of the speed camera and warns the driver so as to have plenty of time available to decelerate, return within the established speed limits, without putting anyone at risk.

brake like this, without warning or slowing down gradually it can also cause chain accidents, which is why it is recommended to avoid. Something similar is also done through the Google Maps app.

This indicates any checkpoints or speed detectors, traffic slowdowns, alternative routes and much more. It is the most useful app ever that makes travel relaxing and fun, without worries.

The app in question can be downloaded on all smartphones, it’s legal, an excellent solution to put before all the others that they could be dangerous because they could also lead to criminal consequences.