Autovelox, when you are close to it activates the windshield wipers: the reason is absurd

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Speed ​​cameras indiscriminately take photos of all license plates passing on a given road section. A constant threat to many motorists. Rumors have spread on the web that operating the windshield wipers could be an interesting move to do in the presence of speed cameras. But what’s true? What happens if you trigger those items in this specific case?

speed camera operate windshield wipers
Operate the wipers when you see a speed camera –

THE speed camera devices they are tools in the hands of the police capable of controlling compliance with the speed limits on certain sections of road and motorway. They can be positioned in dangerous areas and where compliance with road rules is most essential.

Such devices are feared by many motorists. It will have happened to everyone – even the most respectful user of road rules – to be notified at home of a fine for excess speed. But do you know why it might be important to operate the wipers in the presence of a speed camera device? Here are the details.

THE wipers are elements present on any car. Regardless of the model, power, brand and many other factors, every car in order to be able to circulate on the road must have perfectly functioning windshield wipers, both in the front and in the rear.

They, in fact, they are used to remove rain, snow and any other element from the windscreen and rear window which could cause a nuisance for the correct view of the driver of the medium. But why is it essential to operate the windshield wipers in the presence of a speed camera? Here’s everything you need to know about this somewhat bizarre practice.

Operate the wipers at a speed camera – that’s what will happen

One very important thing that should never be underestimated is the windshield wiper maintenance. In fact, it is essential that they are always fully functional. They must never make any noise and, above all, they must be able to carry out their ‘mission’ of cleaning the glass at all times.

Speed ​​camera wipers - Motori.News
Is operating the windshield wipers a useful move to make if you pass through an area where there is a speed camera? Here are all the details about it – Motori.News

If you notice suspicious noises or streaks on the windshield, it is likely that the wipers are worn. All that remains is to replace them and get back to having these elements perfectly capable of cleaning the windows of your car. But why can windshield wipers be useful in the presence of a speed camera device? Here are all the details about it.

To clean a glass in the best possible way, in addition to operating the wipers, it will also be essential to spray a few times professional glass cleaner. The windshield and rear window will be best washed with a good car wiper fluid. It can be purchased in any specialized shop or from various web portals.

Word has spread on the web that activating the wipers and spraying colored detergent on the windows can also be a valid move to make the license plate illegible of the car when it passes under a speed camera. Some users, in fact, ‘recommend’ using a very thick and colored liquid, which could also fall on the plate, making it illegible.

A circumstance that seems completely absurd to us. We recall, in fact, that uA speed camera will always be able to read passing license plates, even if some letters or numbers are slightly less clear.

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The tricks people come up with to evade regular speed camera checks are always bizarre and, in most cases, utterly useless.

We also recall that trying to forge the license plate is a move prohibited by both the Highway Code and the Penal Code. This is obviously not the case with operating the wipers under a speed camera. No one will be able to tell you that they have committed a crime. If you see a speed camera, all you have to do is slow down and respect the speed limits. On the contrary, you will always have to do this thing, regardless of whether or not these devices are present.