Engine oil, if this mark is not on the bottle, throw it away: it is toxic

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How to choose engine oil? The wide range of products sometimes makes the choice difficult, also because the acronyms lead to confusion. Here is which engine oil to choose and which acronym it must have to be non-toxic!

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The wide range of motor oils makes the choice difficult, especially for those without skills in the field. In order not to be mistaken, however, the best choice is to check the car manual, where it is indicated which engine is suitable for the car.

Indeed, the correct oil weight is listed in the manual, for example if it is a standard oil such as 5W-40 or other different oil. The acronym refers to the viscosity of the oil to be used for the car. So let’s see how to choose the right one!

What engine oil should be like

The type of engine oil and the weight they must be chosen according to the seasons and the use made of the car. If the car is used regularly and the temperatures are moderate, the type of oil indicated in the manual is fine. You should know that there are a total of three types of engine oil for cars:

  • Synthetic oil
  • Semi-synthetic oil
  • Mineral oil

The synthetic one delivers at wear generated by braking and acceleration better protection. Indicated for driving in heavy traffic, sludge formation decreases. It is suitable for extended travellers, allowing for higher refinement and lower NVH.

Castrol EDGE 5w40 engine oil

Used widely for modern technology, Castrol EDGE 5w40 engine oil it is suitable for engines designed that need protection and prefer low viscosity oils. The oil ensures maximum lubrication in the metal parts of the engines, keeps them separate and keeps the engines powerful.

This oil contains TITANIUM fluids which reduce friction in the metal parts and guarantee their separation. The oil becomes fluid once the pressure is reduced. The oil synthetic Castrol MAGNATEC C3 is a motor oil designed to protect the engine from wear, especially from the stresses that stop-start driving in certain environments entails.

The formulation of this oil is done with Castrol’s DUALOCK technology and base oils. In addition, this oil helps to reduce engine wear by 50% and save fuel, which is why it is considered the best engine oil for city driving.

Waste oil disposal

When changing the oil it is very important to know where to dispose of it correctly. Used oils contain zinc and other heavy metals, therefore considered highly toxic and could also contain other potentially carcinogenic agents. Being a non-biodegradable compound it is among the most polluting agents produced by man, a few deciliters are enough to completely destroy the ecosystem and poison the surrounding waters.

For this reason, for disposal it is necessary to place it in the appropriate containers and take it to the ecological islands, and absolutely never pour it into the tap or into the sewers.