MotoGP: a year to forget for the Suzuki boss, we also lacked this

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Suzuki said goodbye to the MotoGP World Championship. End of 2022 even more bitter, however, for the Project Leader, here is the latest misadventure.

What trouble for the former Suzuki boss – MotoriNews

The brand Suzuki ceased to be part of the World Championship MotoGP. A decision communicated at the beginning of 2022 and who left petrified the whole team. The consequences were felt, but pilots and staff later managed to raise your headclosing at the top, also trying to convince the top management in Japan to change their mind. Shinichi Sahara in particular it has done the impossible in this regard, unfortunately without success. Like the rest of the team he didn’t hide it burning disappointment, but as they say, it rains on wet. Here’s the latest mishap for the now ex Suzuki project leader.

Painful ending

The championships are all over, it’s winter break time. But they never fail events lighter and more fun to challenge each other even with different disciplines than usual. It is the case of the “Kei Kitagawa Mini Bike Race“, part of a day of staged endurance racing near Kyoto at the Kinki Sports Land circuit. An event at which the former key man Suzuki he had decided to participate, communicating it on his social channels with great satisfaction. Too bad the euphoria is short duration… The bitter cold in Japan had already caused some slowdowns, but an accident in training was decisive. Shinichi Saharaarm in a sling, was therefore forced to confirm the forced forfait. “A dislocated shoulder and a fracture. I was aiming for a sequence of victories like last year… Instead I went home a day early” wrote the former Suzuki boss. With a pinch of ironyin response to a message from Quartararo: “I tried to understand the spirit of the riders, but a little too much!”

Suzuki, the sad farewell

The end of a difficult season for the house of Hamamatsu. Shinichi Sahara, as mentioned, did everything to convince the Suzuki top management to change their mind, and therefore not to close the MotoGP project. Unfortunately we know the ending, the Japanese house will no longer be part of the premier class of the World Championship. A final season closed with the last triumphs of a Alex Rins which, once more did not hide thebitterness for this decision. Both he and Joan Mir they were ready for renewal, closely linked to the Suzuki brand, which had brought them to MotoGP. And which has now forced them to change, heading towards a Uncertain future (disastrous?) with a Honda that still doesn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel…