Antifreeze washer fluid, don’t buy it: make it at home for 0.15 cents

How to stop having ice on your car windows in the morning? Here is the ideal liquid window cleaner to perform this operation in the best possible way and at a low cost. Let’s find out what to use to never have ice on your car windows again!

Windshield washer fluid
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When it’s cold and there is frost it is inevitable that ice forms on the car windows. In the morning, when you go to get the car, you can’t see anything because the ice has hardened and you also have a hard time passing the windshield, which can even break.

No fear, here’s what you need to use to solve the problem of ice on the windows, with an efficient liquid washer you will no longer have ice-covered windows and you will have a perfect view! Just follow the instructions and you’re done.

The perfect window cleaner for ice on glass

In addition to having efficient wiper blades and functioning, it is necessary use the car windshield washer to free the glass from ice.

Windshield washer fluid: here's a cheap method to create it
washer fluid –

This liquid must be topped up opening the hood of the car and sving the cap with the windshield symbol printed on it and the splash of water.

Fill the tank with washer fluid, avoiding to put only water. In fact, you have to use the detergent otherwise the system can be damaged and the nozzles can become clogged with limescale.

The right product is antifreeze liquid

A good windscreen washer fluid is made up of water, detergent and a specific antifreeze product which ensures resistance to cold temperatures. Thanks to this particular mixture, the glasses do not freeze and are not damaged.

The windscreen wipers are also protected by antifreeze, therefore its use is essential to avoid damage both to them and to the glass. Once you try it you will realize how essential this liquid is.

fAmong the best products you will find Cristalbel Artic -70°C Ma-Fra liquid, a detergent that also has an anti-limescale and degreasing action. You can use it pure or diluted and it’s perfect for sliding the wipers smoothly on the windshield without damaging it.

Arexons is also a liquid with effective antifreeze action, it is ready to use and suitable to apply in any season. Excellent for removing dirt, it also has a degreasing and anti-limescale action. Now you know how to remove ice from windows in the morning, you won’t be able to do without it.

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