Do you know that there is a hidden key on the car door? You will use it every day

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There are often mysterious accessories and features inside our car. In some cases, we don’t even know that we have very practical and useful options for our daily lives. Which hidden key on the car door are we talking about today? Here are all the details concerning this particular aspect.

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Hidden key in the door – Motori.News

Although many people ‘experience’ their car every day, they are not always aware of all the functionality and of all hidden accessories present. On the other hand, making the most of your car is essential, especially for those who travel hundreds of kilometers a day for work.

Today we talk about door of your car. This element is not only used to open and close the car, but there are a multitude of options inside it. We are referring to compartments in which to safely insert objects, such as house keys, smartphones or other, and various buttons.

From the driver’s door, for example, it will be possible manage all the windows of the car, blocking those behind, in case there are one or more children on board. An issue related to safety, which will be able to make you feel more relaxed behind the wheel.

But these are just some of the features known to most motorists. Nevertheless the car door also hides other more ‘mysterious’ options. What are we referring to? Here’s everything you need to know about a hidden key present on the door of some modern cars.

The hidden detail on the door: here’s what you need to know

The hidden key to which we refer is present on some recent car models. On the door handle, in fact, there may be a integrated USB socket, able to recharge your smartphone in case of need. Anyone who usually spends many hours of their day in the car (or, in any case, away from home) knows how much it is possible to stay with a flat battery on your smartphone.

Car door button - Motori.News
Car door: here is the hidden function – Motori.News

In a practical way, this hidden feature on the door handle will ‘save’ your life and allow your smartphone not to discharge completely. But is it really convenient to recharge your phone in the car? Here’s what you need to know about it.

Our advice is to connect your phone to a USB socket on your car only in case of real need or emergency. We are therefore referring to situations in which the battery is really running low and there are still several hours left before you get home.

In other cases, however, our advice is not to use this function. The reason? As obvious as it is, the smartphone will not charge quickly as happens when plugged into a power outlet at home. Moreover, there may be non-beneficial effects for both your phone and car battery.

During the recharging phase, in fact, It takes a lot of power away from your car’s electronics, with all the obvious consequences of the case. In the worst cases, in fact, there is the risk that a long recharge or forgetting the smartphone attached to the device could cause the battery lock. Surely you don’t want to stay on foot to have your smartphone more charged?

This, however, is only a highly unlikely case. We have described to you the hidden button that is sometimes present on the handle of your door. It’s up to you to make good use of it, without ‘stressing’ your car’s electronics too much.