Car thieves, these are looting them: here’s how you find it

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Car thieves, in recent years are trying to make money, without working or at least without doing it legally.

Car thieves
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Many operate at night and they steal the parts of the cars that are most needed or of interest, targeting in particular large-engined cars or important cars such as the Mercedes A45.

The stolen pieces, are carried off to the south, to then be resold at substantial prices, that’s why this is considered a lucrative business for the more prone to the underworld.

Most of the car thefts and car parts takes place in Rome where there are many beautiful, elegant A45s in circulation, which few can afford to buy and maintain for taxes and maintenance.

The thefts in question cause many inconveniences to the owners of the vehicles concerned. To take action are gangs specialized in dismantling the steering wheels, mechanical parts of the Mercedes, which leave no trace and which can be resold without any problem.

Thieves manage to take away what is needed in a few momentsi without disturbing the public peace or the quiet of the night and without attracting attention. Who suffers the theft is forced to pay more than €4000 to be able to reassemble the missing pieces.

THEFor example, many have found themselves without the steering wheel of the car even though there were no signs of forced entry or the alarm was installed. A sign that the alarm system probably doesn’t work 100% or at least as it should.

Some cars also lack the connector or the whole rear part, the mufflers, or even the wheels, in short, everything can be resold to make money.

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How much the thieves carry out the theft and what types of cars are considered at risk

In most cases the thefts occur during the night while the vehicles are parked in the spaces under the house or in unattended parking lots. In other cases, thefts that take less time are completed in the parking lots of the service stations while one is intent on having a refreshment.

Those who own cars of a certain type, elegant, modern or sports cars, must pay attention to where they leave the car, especially preferring guarded parking lots or under careful surveillance by cameras. Never leave valuables or other objects in the car they can attract the attention of attackers.

Today, thanks to the crisis, any parking lot has been mistaken for an open-air supermarket in which to act and cannibalize cars to be resold abroad in whole or in parts and to secure the money to be able to live.