Stickers with family, why are they all taking them off – the reality is terrible

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For some time there has been a fashion to attach increasingly particular stickers to the rear window, on the bodywork or on other external elements of your car. A move that, albeit respecting particular limits, is permitted by the Highway Code. But what is happening in the last period? Why do you have to be more and more careful about what you make public about your car? Here are all the details about this case.

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Stickers on cars – Motori.News

Place nice stickers on the rear window of the car or on other areas of the bodywork has become an increasingly common practice among Italians. In addition to the classic ‘baby on board’, it is increasingly common to see cars studded with nice images, names of family members and much more.

Affixing these stickers is permitted by traffic law, provided certain standards are met of size and rules that always make certain aspects of your car clear to the agents.

Article 100 of the Highway Code expressly says: “On motor vehicles, motorcycles and trailers it is forbidden to affix inscriptions, badges or initials that could misunderstand the identification of the vehicle”.

Therefore, if too large car stickers are used, capable of compromising the correct view, or if they should hinder the identification of the vehicle, one may run into a sanction. It prowls between 26 and 102 eurosdepending on the case.

But there is even a worse situation, related to affixing car stickers on license plates, in order to alter it or to make it inconspicuous for photos taken by speed cameras or for any other aspect. In this case, you not only commit an infringement punishable by the Highway Code, but go to the criminal.

The Highway Code, in fact, says this about it: Anyone who forges, tampers with or alters license plates or use tampered with, forged or altered license plates is punished under the Penal Code”.

Car stickers: here’s what you absolutely need to pay attention to

Compliance with the rules, therefore, is also essential in the case of car stickers. But do you know that many people are also removing harmless, nice and permitted car stickers from the Highway Code? What are the reasons? Here we explain everything in detail.

Car stickers - Motors.News
The risk of placing stickers on your car – Motori.News

As anticipated before, many people are increasingly beautifying and personalizing their car with stickers more and more details. Many, for example, write all the names of their family members, including any animals, such as cats or dogs.

But unfortunately, there is a risk that some bad actors obtain important information for their criminal purposes. The advice we give is not to put too much personal information on your car, such as stickers relating to your hobby or places visited in the world.

Indeed, for example, providing information about being away from home often – combined with your name – can make burglars ‘want’ to break into your home yours during your absence in the city.

A sticker on your car about a hobby related to technology can trick criminals into opening the car to look for some valuable piece of tech, like a computer, tablet, or something else.

Car stickers
Car stickers – Motors.News

What do we mean by this? Personalizing the car with these nice stickers, as mentioned, is not prohibited (respecting the rules) by the Highway Code, but I put you at risk in other respects. We don’t want to scare you, but always be careful what you ‘supply’ to the bad guys. Don’t give too much information, in fact, it could guarantee you greater security.