SUV gang, terror on the streets – that’s what they want to destroy

The SUV gang is the last one who is somehow trying to save enough money to spend the Christmas holidays in peace.

SUV band
SUV band –

It is a band that from some day it is frightening citizens of any part of Italy shattering the windows of jewelers and shops selling luxury items.

Residents of the affected neighborhoods are awakened by a sudden loud noise of breaking crystals, then by a car squealing at full speed and in a matter of minutes it was all over.

SUV gang, that’s how it works

The SUV gang is wreaking havoc and ruining jewelers and more. They usually manage to take away the loot by practicing a hole in the glass which is also shatterproof, 20 cm wide.

The last shot was scored in the night between Sunday and Monday in Bovolone. It was only 4:30 in the morning when in the silence of the completely deserted Piazza Vittorio Emanuele a bang woke up the residents with a start.

Anyone who managed to get out or look out the window noticed a large-engined car which, once it stopped in front of the luxury watch and high jewelery shop, tried to take away Rolexes, Viscontis, diamonds and much more even more.

band of the

They were three criminals with their faces covered, but this time they hadn’t realized that the objects displayed in the window were of little value. So after smashing the window by hitting it with a sledgehammer, they had taken some low-end watches and then they had run away, probably disturbed by the frightened and curious inhabitants of the neighbourhood.

The bad guys have escaped, that’s what the jewelers will do

In a few moments the criminals disappeared, making them lose track. Then the alarm went off and the Carabinieri intervened who immediately went looking for the SUV gang.

Unfortunately to date the criminals have not yet been found, luckily the damage was not huge because the most important watches and jewels had been secured. The only problem now the owners of the jewelry they will have to deal with has to do with the damage done to the shop window.

Close to the Christmas holidays, the jewelry store will have to redo its look willy-nilly. Unfortunately this kind of theft is not happening only in some particular citiesMilan, Rome, etc. but a bit in all the cities of Italy, so you have to open your eyes and keep calm.

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