at what speed you fine

Speed ​​cameras are the worst nightmare of all Italian motorists and motorcyclists, it is useless to deny it, they cause anxiety, they trigger panic.

Fixed speed camera.
Fixed speed camera –

All above all when you are in a hurry and at the last moment you realize that you have exceeded the speed limit and to have been caught with a high probability by the detector.

Today, in almost all Italian roads and highways, there are fixed speed cameras and mobile speed cameras ready to fine inattentive and irresponsible motorists. In some, the fixed ones are still missing, for various reasons.

Autovelox Lecce Gallipoli here’s when it will come into operation

In particular, that of the Lecce, Gallipoli state road has been mounted but is not yet active, the installation was announced in 2020 on a stretch affected by the speed limit of 90 km per hour with a tolerance of 5 km.

After two years and following various disputes, the issue is about to be resolved once and for all because the device is about to be put into operation. The contract will be managed by Italtrass, a company that has been active since 1986.

The commander of the Galatina brigade, Tindo, stated that the fixed speed camera is not active for the moment, so for now motorists can rest easy.

When the work is completed and the speed camera is activated, motorists will be correctly informed. For the moment, the order has been given to cover the signs, then when the time comes it will be discovered and beyond.

Citizens will also receive a communication through a press release, from that moment on everyone will be asked to respect the fixed speed camera and speed limits. At the moment we just have to wait for that testing takes place and that the improvement of road signs is completed.

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Why the fixed speed camera was installed and what will change for the municipality

Until now that road has only been affected by the Municipal mobile speed cameras, but now things are about to change, this change was inevitable given that no one or however, few respect the limits.

Probably the municipality, following the activation of the fixed speed camera, will be able to bring a lot of money into its coffers easily, simply over the next few weeks. However a single distraction of 10 km is enough to receive a large fine.

Now everything is in the hands of motorists who will have to be increasingly responsible and careful not only to avoid speed camera fines but also to avoid causing accidents and avoid putting your own life and that of others at risk.

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