€7500 car bonus from January 2023, that’s who will receive this help

Some important incentives for the purchase of electric cars, plug-ins and more have also been confirmed for next year. Government incentives have been designed only for certain groups of people under a specific annual income. Who will benefit from this substantial state aid? Here are all the details on this news that will please millions of Italians.

Car bonus
Car bonus – Motori.news

To push a certain sector towards a definitive turning point, several are also needed bonuses and incentives. And this is what is happening for electric cars and for those plugins. But not only. In fact, several consumer associations have fought to give a valid incentive even for those who want to buy one traditional thermal vehicleprovided that it has few emissions harmful to the environment.

The fund for car incentives in 2023 should be around 650 million euros. To these will be added all the money already allocated for 2022 and not yet used. In total, therefore, there should be over 900 million euros for car bonuses. Really pleasant news for millions of Italians.

I am, in fact, over 250 million euros not yet used for the purchase of hybrid and electric cars in 2022. This money will not be ‘lost’, but will be added to the funds allocated for next year.

Car bonus
Car bonus – Motors.News

But will it be necessary to scrap a used car in order to benefit from the incentive? And who will be able to receive substantial aid up to 7500 euros? Here’s everything you need to know on this topic.

Car bonus: here is the substantial incentive for many Italians

In times of exaggerated price increases in every sector, a government incentive of this magnitude is a real godsend for many Italian families. In fact, if you want to buy a new car, the cost will be significantly reduced thanks to this bonus. But What requirements must be met in order to take advantage of the incentive? How much is it exactly? Here are all the details on this case.

Electric car incentive - Motori.News
Incentive for the purchase of new cars in 2023 – Motori.News

First of all, let’s start by saying how it will be essential to take advantage of this maximum car bonus of 7500 euros scrapping a used car. for the rest, the pattern of these aids will be the same as in the year which is about to end.

For the electricit will come to 5000 euros bonus for scrapping used cars of less than Euro 5 e 3000 euros without scrapping. The maximum price of the car must not exceed 35,000 euros. For the purchase of one hybrid carhowever, the incentives will be 4000 euros and 2000 eurosdepending on whether or not there is scrapping.

But in 2023 there will also be a further incentive compared to this general scheme. In fact, whoever has a income less than 30,000 euros will be able to have a 50% bonus increase on the purchase of a used electric or hybrid car.

We will therefore arrive at having 7500 euros of bonuses – instead of the 5000 euros just mentioned – for the purchase of a new electric or hybrid vehicle. The conditions for being able to take advantage of this, however, will be that of having to scrap a car of less than the Euro 5 class and having an income of less than 30,000 euros per year.

The same thing goes for the plugins. You can then pass from 4000 to 6000 euros of incentive with the scrapping. Government incentives will also apply to rental or long-term cars.

Finally, it must be said that the incentives will also concern the installation of electric charging stations under your private home or in your garage, but not only. In fact, the aid will also concern the columns to be positioned in the courtyards of the various condominiums.

In this case, the government incentive will reach up to 80% and will refer to the purchase and actual installation of the column. The limit will be 1500 euros for a single citizen and well 8000 euros for columns for common use.

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