Anyone who drives like this now risks a lot, the new obligation is very strict

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Driving a vehicle, whatever it is, whether it’s a car, a motorbike or a heavy vehicle, is a great responsibility towards yourself and towards others.

New very strict obligation
New very strict obligation –

Unfortunately we all know that, few really pay attention before driving the vehicles. Some people drive in bad conditions despite being aware of not being able. See for example drunk driving.

To drive well and carefully you should first of all rest properly, then wear the right footwear and the right clothing.

Drive with suitable footwear and clothing, that’s why it’s important

As far as footwear is concerned, there really isn’t a specific law that prohibits driving with heels or with particular footwear. But it is obvious that to drive you have to be comfortable. As trivial as it may seem, it can happen that the shoe slips, the heel gets stuck, etc.

Getting behind the wheel not being able to do so means risk of committing an accident and causing damage to third parties. You are not fit to drive, for example after taking some specific medicines that are highly incompatible with traveling by car.

In the same way it is wrong to drive with your arm out the window, even if many indeed all do it. This is a behavior prohibited by the Highway Code which can lead to penalties.

Driver's seat belt
Guide –

Here’s what articles 115, 141 and 169 say and what you risk if you don’t respect the law

But beware there is a detail that not everyone knows, but that everyone should pay attention to. This is about driving with the injured arm. After suffering an injury, whether serious or minor, anyone drives to work or for any other commitment.

Generally, one only wonders if one is in condition, if it hurts or if one can move without too much discomfort. All without thinking about a particular thingi.e. whether it is permissible to drive with an arm bandaged or in a plaster cast.

It must be specified that there is no specific article that prohibits driving with a bandaged arm or in a plaster cast, but there are several such as article 115, 141 and 169 which talked about it extensively.

These articles state that the driver of a vehicle must only drive if he is physically and mentally healthy, able to perform any manoeuvre, at any time, then must enjoy maximum freedom of movement.

The penalties you risk if these articles are not respected, they range from 40 euros to €345 euros.