Airline Box Truck With Scissor Lift Is Now A Custom Camper With A View

Any rectangle is fair game when it comes to building a camp. The 90-degree angle maximizes available living space, making buses and box trucks an attractive alternative for the DIYer. A Southwest Airlines pilot found the perfect job site – an airline box truck with a scissor lift designed to load snacks on board. He turned it into his new home with a view.

He won the truck at auction for just $3,300, taking seven months to complete the $30,000 construction. The 2000 Ford F-650 was about 29 feet (8.84 meters) long and weighed 25,000 pounds. The most exciting feature is the 17-foot scissor lift that lifts the boxes skyward. He finished the macabre vehicle in fighter jet gray because he had been a fighter pilot, adorning his truck with other memorabilia from his service.

Inside, Mark raised the roof about two feet and made a number of other modifications to turn the box truck into a proper living space. There is a large shower, a two burner cooktop and a sizable sink. The fridge and freezer she installed were made for cruises, but the combo worked just fine for her.

The bed is in the loft accessible via a retractable ladder. A skylight with automatic blinds provides additional headroom and the perfect spot for stargazing, especially from the comfort of the camper’s queen-size bed. Magnets keep many of his processes in place, including the cups and plates in the kitchen.

Mark converted the external cargo floor into an outdoor deck, installing grilles, tables, outdoor speakers, and chairs for lift-enabled views. It also has a bicycle rack and an outdoor shower that can still be accessed when the lift is fully extended, along with other neat features.

People have more options than ever before when deciding to live in a camper. Companies build custom vehicles with the latest and greatest features, while people take it upon themselves to build a vehicle that fits their needs and budget. Access to information via YouTube and the internet has also helped convert people into DIYers.

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