Marc Marquez, confession to Max Verstappen: “For me it’s unthinkable”

Marc Marquez and Max Verstappen in a double interview reveal some interesting background on MotoGP and Formula 1.

Marc Marquez (Ansa)
Marc Marquez – Motors.News

Two of motorsport’s greatest legends, Marc Marquez and Max Verstappen, met on the Motegi circuit for the event “Honda Racing Thanks Day“. Both were protagonists in a double interview on the official channel, where points in common emerged, the differences in their respective categories and mutual respect. A really interesting face-to-face that is depopulating on the web, in this winter period where the races are stopped and the fans go looking for news on their favorites.

The Dutch champion of the Red Bull F1 he expressed the desire to test a MotoGP prototype, but it will be difficult to fulfill this dream as long as he is a Circus rider, as the risk of injury must be limited to the minimum: “I’d like to ride a MotoGP bike one day, but I’m not allowed to do that yet. My team won’t let me“.

Face to face between Marquez and Verstappen

Max Verstappen he says he is a big fan of the World Championship, which he follows every time he has a weekend free from commitments with F1. In particular, he appreciates the talent of his Honda colleague: “Marc is a fighter, he will never give up. He is very determined, he is a tough driver“. The material of the champion emerges in its fullness when he takes to the track for a Grand Prix, with his usual ability to deal with pressure. Everyone can be fast on laps, but the difference is made over the course of an entire weekend and especially in the race: “Marc is great. Can’t wait to see it on top“.

Unfortunately, in recent years Marc has had to deal with injuries and a long sequence of operations on his right arm, in addition to two cases of diplopia. Being a MotoGP rider requires a pinch of risk and madness. “These guys are crazy: the speed, the power of the bike“, continues Max Verstappen. “You have to work with your whole body, you hold on really close to the bike. Even when accelerating, they need a lot of power“.

Vice versa, Marc Marquez he is a great admirer of F1, in the past he also tested a single-seater made available by Toro Rosso. But there is one element that he just can’t share: radio messages. “Difficult to stay focused for many laps and talk to the team, blindly trusting their strategy“said the eight-time world champion. “This is unthinkable for me as a MotoGP rider. On the bike you are focused on the race and not on the team“.

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