Throwing butts out the windows, that’s what happens if you get caught: you’re finished

The habit that smokers have in common is to roll down the window and throw the cigarette butts on the street.

throw cigarette butts out the windows
Throwing butts out of the windows –

If today planet Earth is highly polluted it is only our fault, because we do not take care of it as we should and we maintain totally wrong and dangerous behaviors, which slowly serious consequences even on our own lives.

There are those who throw garbage out the window while driving and those who throw cigarette butts out of the window, although the first thing may seem more serious than the second, the two behaviors are equivalent.

What the highway code says about some wrong behaviors

The highway code and the policies of the various governments they aim to promote zero-emission vehicles to replace diesel or petrol ones which, according to studies and research, pollute the air a great deal. However, this is not enough because there are behaviors that in the long run have very serious consequences and pollute as much as they do.

That’s why we need to act as soon as possible in the small way, punishing those who abandon polluting materials while on the move. Waste throwing for example made sure that the nature was totally defaced.

We have proof of this when they march around the country roads we realize that near the sidewalks there are piles of rubbish while parks and green areas no longer exist. In the open countryside the air that should be light, pure, clean is polluted and unbreathable.

drive with a cigarette
butts –

What is at risk starting from January 2023

Be careful though why all this is coming to an end. In fact, if you get caught throwing garbage or cigarette butts out the window, you risk double the fines.

Article 15 of the Highway Code regulates public decorum and therefore punishes the abandonment of waste of any kind. Among other things, as if that weren’t enough starting from January 2023, the fines will be doubled to say goodbye to the lazy and rude people who, rather than taking a walk and throwing the rubbish in the bin, take the waste away from home and leave it around.

The throwing of whatever object, whether it be a bag of rubbish or a cigarette butt, it will cost from €52 to €104. In particular, as regards the rubbish thrown from the glass, the sum is between €216 and €866.

A higher outlay than a speeding fine due to a speed camera or speed camera. The squeeze is necessary and dutiful especially in light of the deterioration in air quality and the impoverishment of the soil caused by our behaviour.

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