Smartphone charging, in the car, hurry up and remove the cable: big risk

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If you’re used to keeping your smartphone charged in the car, remember that leaving the cable connected may not be a good idea: let’s see why.

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Nowadays it is impossible to give up the smartphone. Literally an extension of our arm that allows us to stay in touch with friends and family, make purchases, make payments with the POS, play games, watch TV series and matches and much more. Inevitably, it has also become an irreplaceable companion in the car.

A smartphone in that case turns into a powerful one satellite navigator but, in the most modern cars, it becomes an integral part of the car thanks to increasingly sophisticated and technological infotainment systems thanks to the support of Android Auto And Apple CarPlay.

To connect the phone to the car, you can use bluetooth or, more conveniently, a USB cable. A harmless gesture, of course, but which could become surprisingly risky: that’s why it shouldn’t be left too lightly attacked.

Smartphone charging in the car, that’s why it can be risky

Recharging the mobile phone in the car is undoubtedly a not insignificant convenience, but some factors must also be taken into account: it is said that the car, especially if it is not of the latest generation, is able to guarantee correct recharge through its USB ports.

Smartphones in the car
Smartphone in car –

The power that powers these ports may not be sufficient with the risk that it ends up damaging the battery of the smartphone, affecting its functioning in the future.

Notice if your car USB port is unsuitable to your mobile phone is very simple: you will notice that although the device is connected and the charging icon is active, this actually won’t happen, with the smartphone even ending up running out of battery.

This is a bad sign indeed the car is unable to charge the smartphone: at that point we have to give up, to avoid that the continuous attempts to charge end up damaging the battery, which we will be forced to replace with often unpleasant cash outlays.

But be careful because the risks also come for the car itself: charge the phone with the engine off it will inevitably consume the battery with the danger that we will not be able to start the car the next time it is turned on.

Recharge your smartphone in the car
Recharge your smartphone in the car –

The same can happen, albeit more rarely, while driving: if the car is not new and the USB ports you added them through an accessory make sure it doesn’t end up consuming too much energy otherwise there is the risk of losing power and energy while you are driving.

Fortunately, if you own a new car equipped with the latest technologies, these risks do not exist since they are equipped with more powerful batteries as well as protection systems that allow you to avoid wasting energy which would be harmful to the car.