Have you ever noticed that lever in the trunk? You will always use it

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The car trunk is practically indispensable, anything can be stored inside it, it is convenient when shopping and it is also convenient when you have to leave.

lever in the trunk
Have you ever noticed that lever in the trunk? – motors.news

The wider it is, the more motorists fall in love with cars. In fact, no one is capable of give up comfort.

In the past the cars had very small luggage racks, on the other hand the cars were very small, half of what it is now. So nothing better could be expected.

Opening the trunk, the function that slowly disappeared for no reason

How many times has it happened that you have your hands full of envelopes, that you are unable to open the trunk with the key or that you find yourself having to do fix something inside but not wanting to get off?

Sometimes you find yourself in uncomfortable situations where an extra comfort makes the difference. In the past there was something inside cars that was able to solve so many problems in the blink of an eye.

For example, there were some cars, such as the 1998 Fiat Punto, which had a lever right next to the driver’s seat. This lever it allowed the trunk to be opened while remaining inside the car. Nothing more comfortable.

On many cars today, unfortunately, this function has slowly disappeared, for no real reason, among other things. Traveling in some cars we are forced to get out, insert the key and thus open the trunk. Nothing more problematic and unnerving.

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Luggage rack – Motors.News

In the United States, all cars are required to have a trunk release button

In many models, always from the past, there was a button on the dashboard who unlocked the trunk without difficulty and without getting lost in chatter. On other cars there were instead two separate buttons, one for the electric opening of the rear window and one for the tailgate. Nothing more convenient in practice.

On the latest Fiesta models, to the left of the steering wheel there was a button that opened the trunk in seconds. In the United States, for example, the button system has been adopted, which must be present on any car

In fact, in America all cars must have a system that allows you to open the trunk from the inside. Among other things, as exaggerated as it may seem, the system for opening the trunk from the inside is also useful when the remote control battery it’s unloaded so there’s no way to open it and it stays locked.

In online forums, you can read debates where motorists clash. Some people think this function is useless and whoever thinks it is fundamental. Who will be right?