Super fine if you don’t have this in the trunk

When you are stopped at a checkpoint it is essential that everything is in order. Only in this case can you avoid problems and very high fines. But what is it mandatory to always have in the trunk to ensure that no agent can give you one or more fines? Here’s everything you need to know about the mandatory equipment to always have in your car.

Roadblocks –

THE checkpoints they often cause anxiety to motorists on Italian roads. Most of the time they are simply small routine checks, so that the agents in charge can check that everything runs smoothly on the roads of our country. However, sometimes the request for a classic driving license and booklet may not be the only one made during a checkpoint. What is essential to always have in the trunk?

THE checks carried out by the police they are made to prevent users without a license from driving the vehicle, but not only. Many times – unfortunately – some drivers start driving their vehicle in altered psychophysical conditions. This move can lead to serious problems for your safety and that of other people on the street.

The penalties that motorists can face are very heavy in case of positivity, for example, to the alcohol test. But did you know that even when you think you have not committed any infractions, you risk being fined and reported after the normal check carried out by the agents at a checkpoint? In fact, it becomes important to always have some in the trunk mandatory equipment. Here are which ones.

The mandatory equipment to be placed in the trunk: this is what must never be missing

Even the most respectful user of the basic road rules can run into some small errors and consequently suffer some unpleasant fines and penalties. It can escape, for example, the fact that some equipment must always be placed in the trunk of your car, so that they can be used in case of need. But what are they? Here are all the details about it.

Compulsory items in the boot - Motori.News
The mandatory equipment to always carry in the trunk: here’s what you risk if you forget even just one element – Motori.News

The Highway Code obliges any motorist to have a simple safety kit on board their car. But what must it include? First, the normal must be present mobile retroreflective danger triangle. In the event of an accident or car breakdown, this element will be placed vertically on the carriageway to warn all other road users of the danger.

Not having the triangle on board your car can lead to a fine from 41 to 168 euros and the loss of two points on the licence. The points can go up to four if the driver is a novice driver. This is what article 162 of the Highway Code provides. But what other device must never be missing?

The reflective jacket for the driver and for all the other passengers it must never be missing. It must be worn if you get out of the car in the event of an accident. When you go down to place the triangle, therefore, it is mandatory to wear this high visibility safety vest for other users. Usually, it will have to be worn in the emergency lanes, so that everyone is aware of your presence.

If the agents were to realize the lack of this device, the risk is to incur the same previous penalty of the absence of the triangle. Furthermore, in order for the jacket to be approved and in order, it must have a label with the inscription Uni en47 and the CE mark.

Even the snow chains – in case you do not have winter tires – these are mandatory devices to have in the trunk from 15 November to 15 April.

These are the mandatory equipment that you must always keep in the trunk. They add to the normal driving documents – licence, registration certificate and insurance – which must always be shown to agents during a normal check.

A first aid kit, a fire extinguisher to put out a possible fire, the spare wheel and the jackFinally, they can be useful devices to always have in the car. They, however, they are not mandatory elementsas, however, the previous ones.

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