Electric scooters can no longer circulate here: the fine is a blow

Electric scooters are increasingly present in the society of 2022, because there are really many people who use them to move around towns and cities, both young and old.

electric scooters are not allowed to circulate here
Electric scooters can no longer circulate here – motori.news

The ecological means of transport it has practically exploded over the last few yearsalso thanks to the incentives launched by the government, including the scooter bonus which has allowed everyone to buy it without spending who knows what amounts.

These vehicles have invaded the streets and sidewalks. They are cheap, they cost little, especially if you make use of the incentives, they are ecological so they don’t pollute the environment and they allow you to move easily through traffic effortlessly.

Furthermore, recharging the scooter batteries is very simple compared to motorcycles, electric cars because you can do it easily even at home without having a major impact on your bills.

Municipalities adopt the sharing service but the situation appears out of control

The sharing service it has been adopted by many municipalities, unfortunately, however, like everything, doubts and not insignificant problems have arisen, which have to do with public safety.

Both scooter drivers and pedestrians are at risk. road deaths, caused by scooter accidents, are more and more. PAs strange as it may seem, that’s exactly how it’s going.

Then a second problem that all municipalities find themselves having to face is that once they have finished using them, users abandon them around, not respecting the stalls. For which they are found thrown on the ground without care, sometimes even damaged.


Here’s what will change from January 2023 for scooter owners

But be careful because it would seem that the time has come to say enough and to introduce laws to regulate the use of scooters. All scooters must be fitted with direction indicators and brakes on all wheels.

Those in circulation before September 30, 2022 will have to be adapted and therefore have turn indicators and braking system by January 1, 2024. All those that will be manufactured and subsequently, however, they will have to leave the factory already equipped with everything.

A ban is about to arrive in France that everyone is anxiously awaiting. Soon, in fact, the scooters they will no longer be able to walk on the sidewalks intended only for pedestrians because the circulation on these spaces was found to be quite risky.

The decision was made after 57 pedestrians in France died following collisions with scooters and e-scooters that circulate completely out of control, without rules. Those who circulate on the streets or on the sidewalks without respecting the rules will receive devastating fines.

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