Volkswagen ID.4 OTA Update Makes Finding Charging Stations Easy

Volkswagen has a new over-the-air software update for its ID.4 electric crossover. The update brings various improvements to the model, which are available on select 2021 vehicles and 2022 examples. VW says this first update “is a prerequisite for future features.”

The updated ID.4 crossover will make it easier for drivers to find the charging station they want. The system will now not only filter for only Electrify America stations, but will also filter for specific charging speeds available at any station. VW offers the ID.4 with fast charging for three years on the Electric America network, so owners should love this.

Another new feature Volkswagen has added via an update is Auto Hold. When the driver stops the vehicle completely, the Auto Hold function secures the crossover so that it does not roll over until the driver steps on the accelerator pedal. VW will allow owners to turn off this function.

The ID.Cockpit crossover will display more information, displaying the battery charge percentage alongside the range icon and image. The display will also show which driving mode – Eco, Comfort, Sport, Custom, or Traction (all-wheel-drive models only) – the vehicle is in, while the trip computer will add the current ride data and ambient temperature readings to the display.

Like other modern software updates, Volkswagen has also fixed some bugs and made security improvements, which shows how useful OTA updates can be for cars. It also gives automakers more control over the car’s available functions and features, for better or for worse.

Volkswagen is already planning more updates. Automakers will add additional remote features and features Plug & Charge Capability. This two-way charging feature, coming to the ID.4 crossover with a 77 kilowatt-hour battery, will only offer vehicle-to-home functionality, allowing owners to power household appliances. VW plans to add the feature to 2023 models and upgrade older cars with OTA updates.

Earlier this year, VW made minor changes to the model, updating the 2022 ID.4 with a more powerful 135 kilowatt onboard charger. 2023 VW ID.4 starts at $38,790 (price includes $1,295 destination fee).

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