Tyres, if you have this type of tire you are finished: check yours now

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Tires are not part of our thoughts, we are always very superficial when it comes to car tires, mistakenly.

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Actually in fact these should be the focus of our attention, because they are the most important part of the medium, given that it is the only point of contact between the car and the asphalt.

You should take care of the tyres, like the rest of the car and therefore check them periodically, because in the event of checks, if something turns out not to be in order, you risk heavy and salty fines.

Among other things, non-compliant tires also compromise safety while on board the car, so they can be a risk both for themselves and for others.

Rules for the winter circulation of vehicles

Few know it, but the regulations on the winter circulation of vehicles are affecting tires more and more, the necessary characteristics are changing day by day.

A new law comes into force on November 15, with European and Italian directives which impose precise measures to be respected both for the rubber and for the tread, both for safety reasons and to reduce environmental pollution.

Car tires are absolutely not to be snubbed, on the contrary they should be the subject of repeated checks at least once a month. The controls allow you to have a certain guarantee on road holding and to avoid staggering fines, or accidents.

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The new tire regulation

The European Regulation is no longer as tolerant as before, if once you could turn a blind eye to some details, now you can’t anymore. Therefore, also to preserve the planet by starting an eco-sustainable green transition, small rules have been established that everyone will have to respect.

The rules will have to do with the brake pads having to be replaced at a certain degree of wear, the same goes for the tyres. If these are excessively worn, with friction with the brake pads, they release dangerous particles that have a serious environmental impact.

Tires with worn tread, not the right size, etc., are the cause of impactful and onerous penalties that cut off the legs of all motorists, especially considering the fact that We live in a very difficult historical financial moment.

The squeezes will be really important and decisive both for the cars and for the pockets, but the air we breathe every day is worth it. The goal is to sensitize the individual, to bring the community to awareness of a rather serious but underestimated problem.