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Speed ​​cameras are the devices most hated by all Italian motorists, because they are always ready to take pictures and send fines for the smallest mistake.

Mobile speed cameras
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In general, they are reported, but often we realize their presence late, so you don’t have time to brake and the fine is soon to arrive at home.

Other times you don’t realize the presence of the speed camera and the fine takes you by surprise, finally, still others you realize in time and brake suddenly, risking causing terrible accidents which can have serious consequences.

Mobile speed cameras at strategic points in large cities at risk

In all Italian cities, in some particularly dangerous streets, where motorists struggle to respect the speed limits, there are fixed speed cameras. In some areas, there are municipal police checkpoints.

But now, the mobile speed cameras of the local police are also on their way, they are the temporary ones who, just like everyone else, carry out checks and fines on high-speed trains.

They end up in the crosshairs of the police all motorists who do not respect the law, who run to avoid being late, overtake where it is not allowed, etc. These are the reasons why accidents in large and small cities are soaring.

The phenomenon must somehow be countered because apparently the means used up to now are not enough. Speed ​​cameras are placed in particular in cities and in strategic points indicated by the local police who have applied for mobile speed detectors.

Police at work
mobile speed cameras –

Mobile speed detectors, that’s where these will be placed

These aim to improve public safety on the road in the territory and in particular in Rome where we know well, that at any time of day there is trafficthere is a risk of accidents, no one can feel safe, not even pedestrians.

The police let it be known that the measures have been taken in some ways in particular. The mobile speed camera stations will be present in Valle Muricana, in via Tiberina, in via Tieri, in via Flaminia Nuova, in via della Stazione di Cesano, in the Corso Francia duct, in via Oriolo Romano, in via Cassia nuova and finally in via V Pareto.

Over the next few weeks, following the activation of the new mobile speed cameras the Police will be able to sum up to try to understand if this control system works, or not.