The lightning-fast button to defrost the windshield in one minute: everyone is using it

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Defrosting the windshield in winter is the thing most hated by all motorists, because the operation takes a long time and especially when you don’t have enough, it causes bad mood, stress and nervousness.

Windscreen button
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There are those who, finding themselves in front of a fogged windshield he proceeds with the sleeve of the jacket, or with that of the jacket, of the shirt or of the sweater, even though he knows he doesn’t have to do it because it is an operation that has more disadvantages than advantages.

Cleaning the windshield with a dirty rag or with clothing is counterproductive because noises are created halos that never go away unless you use a suitable product.

Likewise it is wrong to put hot cloths or bottles of water on the windshield hot, because due to the excessive change in temperature, cracks or fractures can be created on the glass which then force the replacement of the windshield.

The methods that defrost the windshield in minutes

A method that works and limits the formation of frost on the windshield is to use it the night before. Simply spray onto the windshield a solution made of vinegar and water, in identical doses.

The solution we are talking about is miraculous because it prevents the formation of frost or in any case reduces the probability of it. Alternatively, you can rub the windshield with a sponge dipped in warm water and salt, being careful because salt is corrosive and can damage the glass.

Finally, just press the air conditioning button and turn it on, because it reduces the humidity through the ventilation system. Then of course it can be useful to put a I store the car in the garage overnight.

This remedy saves time as much as possible for defrosting the next morning. Some people leave silica gel sachets in the car that are found inside the bags or in the shoe boxes. In fact they are useful for demisting the windshield, they are able to give excellent results in just a few seconds.

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The ultimate solution to fogged glass, the secret button

Rather it may be useful to know chand there are technological or mechanical tools directly present inside the vehicle which can come in handy, especially if ice is present.

There is a button that no one has probably noticed, it is the defrost button, which at the maximum setting it manages to melt the icein just a few seconds.

This button comes in handy especially when you are in a hurry and don’t want to be late for school, university or work, let alone get out of the car.