Have you ever noticed this hook in the door? You’ll never believe what it’s actually for

The door is used to open and close the car, but many people notice the presence of a particular hook. What is it for? In this article, we will let you know some of its hidden features that may leave you awestruck. This is what this hook placed in the doors of any car on the market can be useful for.

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Every machine on the market has the counters. Their number usually varies between three and five, depending on the model. They allow the opening and closing of the car and the access and exit of the driver and passengers from the passenger compartment. Elements, therefore, indispensable for obvious reasons. But did you know that there is an accessory in the door, which has several specific functions? Here are all the details about it.

It is essential that the door is in perfect working order. In fact, it allows the car to be protected from theft by thieves and more. A hermetically closed door will ensure ideal thermal insulation. A very important feature for maintaining a comfortable temperature in both summer and winter.

Each car door is equipped with an accessory that appears to be totally useless for performing a function other than closing. It’s actually not like that. We are referring to a specific hook present and visible with the door open. It serves to ensure the safe closure of the door.

But what other purpose does it have? Here is the mysterious role that this accessory plays in every door of all the cars available on the market. After you read this article you will be completely surprised.

Car door: here is the usefulness of the hook on it

The door hook can make your life easier in some specific circumstances. They won’t have to deal with driving or other situations more pertinent to driving around. So what can this accessory be used for? Here we let you discover his hidden features.

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Door hook: you can hook up a pedal unit to carry out various operations on the roof in a practical way – Motori.News

Among the various tricks, made possible thanks to the presence of accessories present in the car, this one we are going to mention will leave you speechless. Being a hook, it can be used by purchasing a simple and practical accessory. We are referring to a very normal one car pedalwhich can be purchased in all specialized physical stores, but also on Amazon and other sites on the web.

By hooking the pedal to the hook it will be possible to climb on it and facilitate cleaning of the roof of your car. But not only. Indeed, you will be able to take advantage of this situation to easier access to the luggage rack. A solution as simple as it is practical and safe. Before getting on the pedalboard, however, you will have to make sure that the hook is screwed in the best way and does not present any malfunctions. It would be better to avoid the risk of falling once you get on the pedal board.

But this hook could also have a different function than the use of the pedal. Indeed, it it can be used to open bottle caps in a practical and fast way. Especially if you are facing a long journey, this aspect could prove to be important in order not to waste too much time at the service station, allowing you to bring your favorite drink from home.

The same is true if you’ve organized a picnic with family or friends and forgot your bottle opener. With this hook, therefore, you will have solved every problem for opening bottle caps.

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