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If you dream of buying a used Ferrari, perhaps you can make this wish come true: look at how much these models cost.

Used Ferrari
Used Ferrari –

A Ferrari. The dream of everyone and anyone who professes to be a lover of four wheels. Buying one is obviously a luxury that only wealthy people can afford, but is it possible to dream even if we can’t spend the money required for a new car?

L’buying a used Ferrari can be the answer to this need: let’s be clear, don’t expect to buy it at the price of a small car, but looking at the second-hand market, you can seize the opportunity of your life and realize your dream of owning a flaming horse car rampant.

With this article we want to give you an idea of ​​the models that you could find in the second-hand sector and above all the average price at which they are offered. So you can certainly think about it and evaluate if this madness can really be done.

Buying a used Ferrari: is it possible? Look at these prices

The data collected by AutoScout24one of the most famous and reliable websites when it comes to the resale of used cars, allow us to compile a detailed report of what it takes today to buy a used Ferrari.

Ferrari 456 GTs
Ferrari 456 GT –

Let’s start with the Ferrari 456 GTs, equipped with a 442 horsepower twelve-cylinder engine for a maximum speed that easily exceeds 300 kilometers per hour. Produced for the first time in 1992, the average prices fluctuate between 71,000 and 79,000 euros. Many? Sure, but it’s still a Ferrari.

Let’s move on to Ferrari FF, the first born in Maranello with four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. With an elegant and sporty design at the same time, today the average price has dropped to 144,000 euros. For a car with a 600 horsepower V12 engine it’s really not bad.

Speaking of sports cars, and with Ferrari you can practically never go wrong, we have the monstrous F12berlinetta with a 740 horsepower naturally aspirated V12 engine and a top speed that easily exceeds 340 kilometers per hour. Here we are talking about a gem for a few, but the price has dropped to 219,000 euros.

Ferrari 308
Ferrari 308 –

Ferrari 308 instead it is a true icon of the 80s: a car that the older ones among us have dreamed of for a long time. Today the price is decidedly more accessible than in the past: only 87,000 euros to add it to your collection.

Let’s go back to exaggerating instead with the Ferrari 488, a fairly recent car with a monstrous rear 670 horsepower bi-turbo V8: top driving, sporty at best, price down to 229,000 euros. Still many, but it’s all worth it.

If we want to talk about a real deal then we have to look at Ferrari 612: totally in aluminium, with a 540 horsepower 12-cylinder engine that gives you a monstrous speed of 320 kilometers per hour. Watch out because the price in recent years has fluctuated between 94,000 and 104,000 euros. For a car of this kind it is not really much.

A little vintage? So here it is Ferrari 365, whose average price has actually risen to 166,000 euros in recent years: it is becoming increasingly rare, this is the reason for its increase. But it is as beautiful and iconic today as it was yesterday. And speaking of rarity, to consider also the Ferrari 208produced in less than 1,000 units and which today is around 80,000 euros.

Ferrari Rome
Ferrari Rome –

We close with two other cars, starting with a latest generation used car: the fantastic Ferrari Rome, with a 620 horsepower V8 engine, sporty and futuristic design with an average price of around 243,000 euros. And finally the cheapest model: Ferrari World Cup300 horsepower V8, at around 60,000 euros.

Ready to choose your used Ferrari or are the prices still excessive?

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