Urban tutors outlawed, if these requirements are missing the fine is not valid

For some years now, when you have been traveling on the road by car or motorbike, you must not only pay attention to police checkpoints, but also to speed cameras and tutors who act more or less in the same way as the first ones.

Outlawed urban tutors
Outlaw urban tutors – MotoriNews

The tutors trigger the fine before they even realize that they have exceeded the limits or in any case notice their presence.

As of 2010, everything has changed. Tutors are everywhere, even in the most awkward, unthinkable positions, hidden in urban avenues among trees, at traffic lights.

When tutors are legal and you are forced to pay the fine

For 12 years now, motorists have lived with the presence of tutors practically everywhere, in all Italian cities. Few people know that there are, however, three constraints to which attention must be paid, to be checked in the event that a fine should arrive that leaves room for some doubt.

Checks by the tutor are allowed only if the speed limit is the same for the entire stretch of road, with a variation of only 10% and not more. Furthermore, it is only valid on a road where the speed limit is set at 70 km/h and where there cannot be a section where it is under 60 km/h. Furthermore, checks can only be carried out if there are accesses through which less than 10% of the traffic passes, because in this case it is a penalizing condition. Finally, the checks can only be carried out when the imposed limit is 70 km per hour and if there are the right road width conditions.


How the tutor works and when it is illegal

An average speed control system, i.e. the tutor cannot be installed where the above conditions cannot be met. Should the tutors be installed in one place where he doesn’t follow the rulesyou can dispute the fine and therefore you are under no obligation to pay.

Remember that the tutor is a system that detects the average speed on the stretch of road using a sensor. The sensor detects the vehicle category. Then, activate the cameras, at this point take a picture and then record both the date and time of the passage of the vehicle. Then a central system comes into play that combines the data, calculates the speed and checks if the vehicle respect or not the limits imposed for that road. In the event that he does not comply with them, send the report for the delivery of the fine.

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