hard lunge to his former team

Alex Marquez relaunches with Ducati after three difficult years with Honda. Marc’s brother does not hide some bad temper.

Alex Marquez and his brother Marc (Ansa)
Alex Marquez and his brother Marc – Motori.News

After conquering two world titles, in Moto3 and Moto2, Alex Marquez he jumped at the opportunity to land in the Repsol Honda garage alongside his brother Marc. Jorge Lorenzo’s somewhat surprising farewell proved to be decisive for the leap into the premier class and into a team where his older brother continued to collect championship titles over and over again. It seemed like it was going to be a great opportunity to shine in MotoGP too, instead the three years with the RC213V they turned out to be very disappointing.

Almost a step back for his career. The 26-year-old Alex Marquez has collected just two podiums in three years, concentrated in his debut year. Then the results failed, with them also the trust in the HRC team, in the company, to the point of seizing the opportunity to migrate to Ducati Gresini from next year. There was the first approach in the Valencia test on 8 November, now we expect a new professional page to be reborn from the winter of the younger of the Marquez brothers.

Alex Marquez puts Honda behind him

Alex Marquez (Ansa)
Alex Marquez – Motors.News

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper ‘AS’, Alex Marquez reviews the possible causes of the moment of crisis that the House of the Golden Wing in top class. “The big problem for Honda is communication. Not just for the riders, but also for the technicians and the factory. Many times, as Marc said, information is lost. In the end I don’t think it’s a problem of driving, but of organization“. Over the course of the year, several parts arrived for testing, but none that improved. “In 2021, there was no direction“, he says referring to the lack of feedback from his brother Marc, who is struggling with a non-optimal physical condition after the serious injury in Jerez in 2020.

His long absence from 2020 until the Portimao stage in 2021 had a great impact on the lack of evolution of the Honda RC213V. “They were used to always being guided by Marc and losing that reference made them stagger“, continued Alex Marquez. “On many occasions, when they were at a critical juncture, I was there to help. Instead they didn’t take advantage or I didn’t help them enough, because they didn’t give me anything either. This is where I felt a little more out of place at Honda“.

Hence the decision to move to Gresini where he will have one available Ducati Desmosedici GP22 with which to attempt a relaunch in MotoGP. “I’m aware that this is the opportunity I’ve been looking for for some time, the one I was looking for in Honda but couldn’t find. Looking for another way sometimes helps“. The goal is to try to repeat the good things done by Aeneas Bastianini with the satellite team of Nadia Gresini, winning four victories and being able to count on a family environment. “Having fun on the bike will be the key to being competitive“.

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