Last Lotus Elise Handed Over To Elisa Artioli


There were 35,124 Lotus Elise units ever produced, and the last one fell into the hands of the person named after the car was launched.

Lotus Elise was born in the mid 90’s. At that time, Romano Artioli was the chairman and owner of Lotus and Bugatti. The two-seat mid-engined roadster is named after his granddaughter, Elisa Artioli, who was only two years old when the car was introduced.

Now, the last Lotus Elise made for customers has been handed over to Artioli in a ceremony at its headquarters in Norfolk, England. Artioli gets the final Elise Sport 240 in Championship Gold colour.

Artioli bids farewell to Lotus Elise in an emotional letter showing his deep connection to cars, thanks to his grandfather.

In 1993, when I was born, you were only on a piece of paper. Still no one knows that we are destined to spend life together.

He then describes the feeling at the time Elise was born.

It was September 12, 1995 and we were waiting to be revealed to the world because, until then, no one had seen us, above all, no one knew that behind the cloth there would be not just anyone, but Elisa, 2 years old.

I stick to your wheel proudly showing me my T-shirt with the words “I’m Elise” and from there I don’t want to get out. I feel my world the way I feel today, when I’m with you, I’m sitting and I’m at home.

Artioli’s letter ends on a more emotional note.

Dear Elise, I am with you from start to finish, as you did with my life.”

In December 2021, Lotus announced the end of production of the Elise, Exige, and Evora. These three cars represent almost half of Lotus’ total production during its 73 years of existence.

The Geely-owned automaker is now entering the electric era, with the Lotus Emira representing its break with internal combustion engines. On the other hand, the limited-speed Lotus Evija hypercar welcomes the marque to electrification.


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