Ford Ranger, Transit Van Try To Defeat F-150 Raptor In Tug-Of-War


Horsepower is the yardstick that many people use to measure cars, with weight being considered a sin defect. However, there is one arena where weights can help – vehicle tug of war. It’s the heaviest vehicle that often has the edge in this competition, though there are exceptions, which are featured in full in the new Carwow YouTube video.

The video pits a pair of European commercial vehicles against each other and America’s formidable foe – the F-150 Raptor. Yes, Ford offers the Ranger and Transit Custom (as Transit Connect) in the US, but we don’t get their diesel engines. Both pack 2.0-liters, but they have slightly different outputs – 170 horsepower (126 kilowatts) and 309 pound-feet (420 Newton-meters) of torque for the Ranger and 184 hp (137 kW) and 306 lb-ft (415 hp) ). Nm) for Transit. The Raptor uses Ford’s twist-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6, producing 450 hp (335 kW) and 506 lb-ft (691 Nm) of torque.

The Transit is heavier than the Ranger, which should give it an edge over the pickup, but the truck’s four-wheel drive and grippier tires help it crush the van. The front-wheel drive van, tuned by MS-RT, wears low-profile tires. The Ranger then hooked up to the heavier Raptor and lost in a solo tug-of-war with the off-road F-150. However, it was not a crushing defeat by the bigger trucks. The ranger restrained himself.

The final tug ties the Ranger and Transit Custom to the F-150, and the Raptor stands no chance. It wasn’t a huge win for Ford’s smaller model, but the two easily overcame the F-150 once the Ranger found its footing – stability control. Weight is often king in these prizes, but tires and all-wheel drive can also help. The ground looks pretty wet, muddy and slippery in the video, which certainly doesn’t help any of the competitors.


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