Speed ​​cameras, the sticky tape trick to avoid getting fines: many are doing it

Today we try to save a little in any context, fuel has skyrocketed, shopping has become impossible, paying the fines taken because of the speed camera is what no one accepts having to do.

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Here’s that for escape from the clutches of the speed cameraa man transformed a J into a U using just black tape.

In this way the user was able to avoid getting fines by breaking the highway code in any way and at any time. To realize what was happening he was an off-duty carabiniere.

Here’s how the agent realized the trick he put in place to escape the speed cameras

The agent in question was suspicious of a particular vehicle whose license plate number he immediately marked, obviously immediately communicated to the colleagues of the Operations center who initiated the research.

There were no associated crimes with the vehicle. In any case, the military managed to trace the owner of the vehicle by finding the real license plate of the vehicle which justified the correct figure with the adhesive tape stating that it was a joke made by friends. Following the many questions from the agents he confessed to having been himself a retouch the license plate to avoid fines in case of transgressions to the speed camera.

It is a desperate attempt that in reality is not even the only one, many are trying to escape from the fines especially in a period of crisis like the one we are facing. The expenses are really too much, so even a trivial unexpected it can become a big deal. In Italy despite everything, the situation is not too difficult or extreme. In Switzerland, if you exceed the speed limit imposed by the speed camera, you risk 4 days of imprisonment and the withdrawal of the vehicle. Outside the Italian territory, the agents are meticulous and rigorous.

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What were the consequences

The consequence for the owner of the vehicle was the withdrawal of the license plate with consequent stop of the vehicle for three months. The man is also forced to pay an administrative fine of two thousand euros.

In the summer, the Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Orbetello launched services dedicated to prevention, focusing in particular on parking lots near the beaches where many stolen cars have been found or with modified or cloned number plates. Same thing goes for motorcycles. All have adopted extreme strategies to make it particularly difficult for the police and the speed camera to identify the vehicle.

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